Indian girls getting harassed on phone is nothing new really, we all have experienced it at some point or another. There is also no time period till which it will last, it can happen anytime, anywhere to any woman of any age.

Apparently, the connection works absolutely perfectly when it comes to these harassers who make us fear the very ring of a phone.

However, as per this Facebook post I recently came across, a girl from Kolkata decided to take a different approach to these people.

On 4th February 2019, she posted on her Facebook profile, how she has been harassed by a few men from Manipur over the phone for the past couple of months.

In her post, she recounted how while booking her ticket in Dimapur (Nagaland) to Imphal (Manipur) she had to give her name and phone number to a man called Imtiyas Yumkhaibam who was booking in advance.

While she eventually travelled in a different vehicle, as per her post, over the next 2 months she received about 10 strange calls from different numbers, however, Truecaller gave away their identity.

The caller, allegedly Imtiaz himself would ask her questions like “kahan ho tum?” and more, harassing her over the phone.

The girl eventually reached out to the police where she gave the cops the numbers that had been calling her.

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The police reached back to her and told her that the man in question had been warned.

But it might have all been in vain, since that very evening she got about 6 calls from an unknown number, but Truecaller revealed it was the same man.

It is truly an unfortunate thing that the woman by now even knows the man ‘Imtiaz’s’ voice well enough to recognise it over the call while he was dictating lines for his friend to speak.

Although she blocked that number, it did not deter her stalker who then tried to contact her through a video call and messages on WhatsApp.

However, the truly inspiring thing that the girl has done is give out the phone numbers and names of her harassers in her Facebook post and asked her contacts to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Perhaps once they are on the receiving end of such harassment, ‘Imtiaz’ and his friends might learn what it really feels like to be harassed over phone.

Update: The girl has told us that apparently the calls have stopped since she put up this post and a huge number of people started calling the 3 men.

She even shared some screenshots of the calls she got.

Apart from the Facebook post, none of the images are of the OP.

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