December 07: Tarik Dhariwal, one of the most famous project managers behind Mandeer Maar Te, has more than 2M+ views and counting on YouTube. Besides this, he has a streak of managing artists, including, KS Makhan, Shiv Malri, Rakhi Hundal, etc, who have continuously given back-to-back million hits. 

Born and raised in Jalandhar, Tarik Dhariwal, always had a knack for organizing and managing events, since his school days. He was always up for organizing school events on special days or festivals and that keen interest has brought him into the Punjabi industry. 

Self-motivated and multi-tasker, Tarik, had a deep interest in the Punjabi music industry. He didn’t have flair for singing but always wanted to do big in this industry. So, he started managing artists-that is right from signing a new song, to shooting to its release. Handling an artist is the hardest thing to do, but Tarik never felt that way. He is working in this industry for many years on an individual level but started working with big brand names in the industry in 2018. He has collaborated with Quntas Records and Speed Records and delivered Superhit songs hitting more than 1M or 2 M views on Youtube. 

A song from his own managed artist truly describes him, which says, “Kise Sochyea ni Hona, Roke Raah Jatt Day” (No one ever dared to stop him along the way). 

In his words, “I am really thankful to God for being there throughout my journey till now and hope to make it even bigger than before. The biggest inspiration in my life is my parents. They never stopped supporting me and always encouraged me to do the impossible in my world!” 

Tarik is a true inspiration for the youth today. He has set an example for them that you can also become a big name, irrespective of your background with the hard work, and dedication that Tarik has put into his work.


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