New Delhi, December 07: We divulge in this old saying, “The Winner takes it all”, and aspire to be one. However, the pertinent question here is how we can be more than a winner. Such questions and more are answered in the path-breaking Book More than a Winner by Dr. Ashish Parnani.

Dr Parnani was born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has a PhD in Training and Development from the University of Rajasthan. He is also an Internationally Certified Master Trainer and Facilitator and has an International Diploma in Business Coaching and Mentoring. As a Coach and Master Trainer, Dr. Parnani has coached and mentored numerous people on the path to success. It is his deep understanding towards the psychology of success and winners that led him to dig deeper into the dynamics of winning.

He is a voracious reader and deeply inspired by the writings of RK Narayan and John C Maxwell. However, his journey and inclination to become an author started in 2009. As Dr. Parnani explained, “It was 2009 when I read Arvind Adiga’s The White Tiger, and after finishing 50 so pages, I thought of writing my own Book. Now, when my first Book is finally completed and published, the feeling is unbelievable and humble. I have always wanted to share my knowledge and skills other than speaking, and Book is one of the best mediums to do so. I have been writing articles and have composed short poems too from last 7-8 years.”

More than a Winner by Dr Parnani digs deeper into the concept of winning. It answers a question like what it takes to be more than a Winner. What’s the difference between a Winner and a Champion? What does it really take to be called a Champion in one’s area of expertise? What are the ingredients to achieve that level of success?

In the Book, Dr Parnani also explained The Personal Transformational Model, through which readers will gain a great understanding of globally demanded competencies and values of Personality Development and how developing or her personality can make them a Champion.

The Book explains the difference between a winner and a champion. It is an interactive book where readers will have a fun journey as a reader with great practical examples and anecdotes to explain a complex subject. They will understand the globally demanded competencies and values, which will take their personality to another level altogether. The conversational tone of the Book is its hallmark for young working professionals. Implementing the learning from the Book will help them achieve the highest level of personal transformation – “The CHAMPION ZONE.” The Book will do wonders for you, but only if you practice it in your life daily.

Dr Parnani is also the Founder & Director of Skill UVA Learning Academy, an Award- Winning Professional Training & Coaching Start-up Company. He trains and certifies trainers, Coaches and working professionals globally.



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