Priyanshu Jaiswal aka The PJ Explained is a well-known individual YouTuber from India who is making a name for himself on the social media platforms by providing the best Pop-Culture & Superhero reviews and information. His channel is known for producing some of the best videos on the internet. There’s bound to be something for everyone with Priyanshu producing so many good videos on a regular basis. Besides being a YouTuber Priyanshu is a Kind hearted person . He has grown his channel tremendously to 1.5 million subscribers and over 1.6 lakh followers on Instagram.

The way some individuals are exploring themselves in their respective field has been remarkable. The incredible collaboration of youth skills, digital and social domain has played a vital role in expansion of massive fields. One such young artist from the Entertainment industry is The PJ. He has come across a long journey for being a successful Entertainment artist. In his initial days he started his career by short video on his Instagram account. Since the explosion of digital tech has taken over the world, young names like The PJ have gotten an opportunity to showcase their talent.

The PJ is one of those few influencers whose all video gets viral . The PJ is a YouTuber with incredibly high subscribers of around 1.5 Million subscribers.  His journey from a simple boy into a successful YouTuber has been incredible. His upbringing has been simple, but his vision has always been different and on the higher side. He has gained a good popularity on the web landscape garnering such a whopping audience. He never felt like following the footsteps of his friends whose only dream was to enter into any government job.

No doubt Priyanshu Jaiswal is a leading name in the digital world of India. He had earned a significant amount of wealth, name, fame, success, subscribers and trust in a surprisingly quick time. His story can inspire many youngsters of the nation who want to become a good Content Creator or willing to do something similar. We wish him great success in the upcoming years.

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