It was founded by Mrs. Bindu Naidu, who wanted the world to know India’s rich culture and craftsmanship in sarees.

New Delhi (India), February 15: So much has already been spoken about a few professionals and business owners who have achieved tremendously in their careers all on their own; still, it feels like much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their brilliance and genius. Especially women have reached the forefront of most of these industries today and have proved their mettle across the world. They have gone ahead in inspiring other young women vying to make their mark in their desired industries. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such woman named Mrs. Bindu Naidu, who not just entered the world of entrepreneurship, but also turned heads by creating her exclusive Tussar Saree Store named TANTUVANA.

TANTUVANA today stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind online clothing brand that offers Tussar Sarees that exude the passion and the rich heritage of the culture in India, which has what helped the brand be known as the Queen of Silks and Tussars. Bringing her brand this far in the ever-so-competitive field wasn’t a cakewalk for Mrs. Bindu Naidu, but ask her if all the challenges she faced in her path were worth it, and she will reply with a big “Yes.”

The B. Tech in Electronics and B.Ed graduate initially worked as a Mathematics teacher for 10th to 12th students, but she wasn’t satisfied with her job. She desired to start something of her own, a small firm and one fine day, she happened to meet a weaver in West Bengal. This opened doors of new opportunities for her as she acquired more knowledge about the weaves and the different weaving techniques. This helped her love towards handlooms turn into her passion, and the rest is history.

With TANTUVANA (, which she launched in 2017, she has now become a rising business owner in the sector, thriving on the highest quality standards and cost-effective prices. They have also registered the firm in the Central Silk Board of India.

“Our Brand (@tantuvanaofficial) exclusively has Handcrafted sarees which we directly get from the weavers, and we have few looms in West Bengal,” Mrs. Bindu Naidu proudly highlights.



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