Can you learn the art of writing? Or Are you a born writer? This question looms over many people’s minds, especially those who enjoy reading or someone who has a sensitive heart and wants to tell a story to the world. To find the answer to the above question, we looked at the career graph of Tanmay Dubey, an Engineer, and MBA, a corporate leader, a successful author, and an International Book Writing coach. 

He is the Best Selling Author of 6 books Just Six Evenings (2014); The Amigos (2016)The Red Line (2018)DNA of a Champion Sales Person (2019); How to Write a Book in One Month and Earn One Lakh from it (2020) and Sales Shastra in Hindi (2021), who has successfully coached and launched more than 100 National and International Authors, helping them write, publish and become Bestselling authors in record time.

Having spearheaded leadership positions in MNCs for over two decades in IT Industry, he is now a very accomplished Book Writing Coach. His Murder Mystery book THE RED LINE is getting adapted into a web series.

“Writing, like swimming, is an art that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. I was a reader who enjoyed reading books since childhood, and when I first decided to write a book, I made so many costly mistakes that I could have hampered my career as an author. Instead, I decided to invest in myself and learned the art of writing. Gradually I became a better writer and started churning out one bestseller after the other,” says Tanmay.

“I see a lot of budding authors who want to write a book, but they make mistakes by not taking any professional help. It’s like going to the gym and working out on your own and thinking you will get a result. And you are not taking a professional service of a trainer who would guarantee your outcome. Hence, I decided to start a startup – Author Coaching Academy– to save authors from making costly mistakes and getting them published.   

What is an Author Coach, or why do you require a Book Writing Coach?

As a professional author coach, Tanmay believes in guiding his mentees to overcome obstacles to achieve their dream of writing a book from the idea stage. As a book writing coach, he is not a ghost-writer or a copy editor who will write the book for you. Instead, he guides you to demolish inner demons like the inability to give your reader a structure, facing writer’s block, helping you identify the gaps in your manuscript, and holding your hands till you achieve the desired results.

Tanmay’s experience in Writing Multiple Books on different genres becomes very valuable for a participant in his Author Coaching Academy as they work with him on their books on varying subjects. As a result, many successful coaches and aspiring coaches have worked under his guidance to write and publish their best sellers. 

Can you earn money by writing a book?

The most common question in a writer’s mind, “Yes, why not” is what Tanmay proclaims. “Having a best-selling book under your belt helps build a strong brand and you can leverage that brand to earn a million bucks.” 

How you leverage your brand is what Tanmay Specializes in his one-of-a-kind personalized coaching to his handpicked students in his Author Coaching Academy the most effective coaching and Self-development Company in India. 

 What are the following plans? How do you see the writing scene changing in India?

“India is the land of storytellers, and we love stories. As a nation, we have a huge possibility of creating writers sharing their unique ideas that can help and revolutionize people’s lives and create a big impact on the nation’s future,” replies Tanmay. 

“I will be writing more books, the success of THE RED LINE has made him write the sequel of the book, and some other self-help books are also in line for him. Talking about THE RED LINE, it’s a murder mystery and takes the reader to the dark by lanes of international espionage, where death is the easiest escape route” The book is available on Amazon.


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