Winning the crown of Miss Hyderabad Congeniality 2018 was just a start to a journey of inspiration. Kimaya Kapoor went on to become an ace Athlete, a reckoned model, and India’s best Travel Blogger. Today, there are millions of young women motivated by her. No, she’s not your regular ‘It Girl’! So, let’s dig in.

There are millions of people who idolize you, but who really inspires you?

I’m always motivated by people who pursue their dreams. And I’ve been blessed to have met alot of such people no matter what I did. Be it Athletics, Modelling, Acting or Traveling. But yeah, I do admire Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Serena Williams and Hrithik Roshan. They’re all inspirational. 

You already have quite a presence in the glamour world, Why turn to Sports? 

I get that a lot. We always forget women are the strongest being in this world. Why only define our beauty? Athletics, Gymanstic, Mixed Martial Arts, they’re all something I’m passionate about. And my goal right now, is to represent my country soon. 

Well, indeed!! You have a massive fan following online, what’s something you always try to give out to them?

I’m glad you asked that! It saddens me how young girls & women are influenced by the so called crowd culture on social media. I tell them one thing. There’s life beyond your screen. What happened to real ambitions? People wanting to represent the country, achieve greater things in life. There’s so many shades to ambitions, than just having numbers of followers on your account. 

You are training in Mixed Martial Arts, what’s your take on it?

I believe every woman should know self-defense. I really want to encourage more woman to train in MMA. I travel the world, and I’m aware that there are many women out there who want this, but majority of them fear their safety. No matter who you are. Know your strength.

Your journey so far, from being Miss Hyderabad to India’s best Travel Blogger. How was that?

I belong to a Marwari family from Rajasthan. So one can guess the conservatism. Being highly educated was mandatory. In fact I actually started my career as a corporate professional in an MNC, went to Hyderabad that’s when I won the crown. I was blessed to always have projects & assignments. No matter where I’d go. Photoshoots, Modelling, walking the ramp, acting, music albums, I’ve done it all. But Travel Blogging, that’s something I really enjoy. I’ve been to Columbia, Dubai, Maldives, Bali so many places with my team.  They’re amazing! 

Tell us more about your future endeavours?

Well, I can’t reveal much, but here’s for sure. I’ll soon have my Movie debut with a reckoned Tamil film. Apart from that I’m prepping for State Level Championship, I want to take my MMA to next level as well. And of course I have some amazing Travel Projects lined up for my people. So just it’ll be worth the wait. 

That sounds quite happening! Thank you so much for sharing your time and journey with us. And best for luck. P.S keep doing what you do.



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