School forms the formative years of a child’s growth. They develop their personalities, passions, hobbies, and numerous other factors that play a major part in their absolute development. They take their fancy with numerous activities that entice and excite them.

Without a care in the world, they are left to venture out into the boundless ocean of life free to explore. Nobody asks them questions and nobody shames them for wanting to be different. Dreams did not come with a price tag.

Unfortunately, the world works in a deviously different way and it is always out to burst the flimsy bubbles that we all reside in. Money will always factor in as a ludicrously important part of your life, often trumping your passion, as depressing as it is.

Yet, not all hope is lost, as one can always find redemption the moment they plan ahead of the curve. Thus, it’s time for us to look into how schools don’t teach us to think about the salary while caring about our passion at the same time.

Step 1: Decide What You Are Really Passionate About

Honestly, the first step to any successful venture is the planning stage and why should differentiating our passion be any different. A normal teenager, through the course of their teenage, goes through a plethora of whims.

More often than not, most teenagers are blinded by their passions and are, with no fault of theirs, overwhelmed and confused by the scale of things around them.

Thus, to ensure that whatever decision you take is for the best, list down your passions, if you have multiple. It will help you research your target career, list down any other prospective careers in the same line, and also, you will get an informed view into the financial side of things.

Step 2: Ask Yourself The Question; Money Or Passion?

The easiest answer to this would be to go for a job that intertwines with your passion and also satisfies your monetary needs. However, sometimes sustainability is not the only question that one asks when looking for a career based on passion.

Many have spent years freelancing because of the independence it offers while others have gone for the highest paying job in the circuit, and not at the most coveted places of work. These instances that I write about are two separate instances but of people having similar ambitions in a similar line of work. 

The difference lies in their mindset as to what they prioritize more because money will always be a requirement. It is your decision to decide how much importance you give it. If someone stops and tells you that money doesn’t matter then they are lying. It matters but only so much.

Step 3: Research On Your Short Term Career Goals

It obviously goes without saying that even after you choose your priority from money and passion, a long road still awaits you.

However, what must be stated is the fact that there’s no point in thinking about your ultimate career goal for who knows what you’ll decide in the future. A rudimentary form of prediction is profitable in real life as much as it is in the share market.

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The moment you have a short-term objective to set yourself apart from your other competitors then you can further your ultimate goal into the distant future. For example, I have a slated objective to work at a major media house in India and from there on in, my ultimate objective will fall into place. 

Step 4: Compare The Starting Salary At Your Place Of Work And The Average Salary In The Industry

Again, the question arises, is the salary enough for your sustainability or do you want more? If the salary meets your expectations of a sustainable lifestyle then that’s great.

However, it is important to note that if your starting salary is considerably less than the average starting salary then you must weigh the fact if it actually is worth it.

Ensuring the fact that you work according to your wage is absolutely paramount in the industry. Being overworked never helps anyone and least of all the workers.

It also must be understood that there must come a line when you decide that you must draw a line between passion and labor.

However, if it doesn’t bother you as such, you can always work to your heart’s content. Workaholism is a thing and it’s pretty addictive honestly.

At the end of the day, all that matters is how you see yourself in the future, no matter how distant or how near it may seem. The only satisfaction that counts is yours and honestly, if you feel that these guidelines don’t suit your objective then you should rightly follow your own path. 

As they say, there is no set path or guideline to success. Create your own destiny.

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