Q – How has the entertainment journey been till now?

A – Back then, at the start, this was something I thought I should try my hand at..I faced a lot of challenges like creative conflicts, bandwidth issues, identifying a suitable team, and many problems that I couldn’t even anticipate but today its all worth it.

Q – After a year of experience in the entertainment business, what are your top 3 tips for a fresher?

A – Begin networking with everyone, Stay in touch with pals, Keep ur chin up.

Q – In a very short time, Cloudland Entertainment has become a huge brand name in Gujarat, what’s the secret behind the massive branding?

A – Hardworking team, Transparency between all and Ethical Practices from the production house!

Q – Music, Short Films, Sketches, what’s next?

A – A much anticipated to-be blockbuster film..

Q – We hear that Cloudland is entering into Music Studio business? Please elaborate.

A – Our main aim is to give new talents a way to achieve their dream and to take gujarati industry to the next level, the music studio is a small step towards achieving this big dream, affordable rates, best technology & a creative confluence is our end-goal with the studio!

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