Mumbai, Aug 20: Sufiscore recently released its new song ‘Umeed’ with dual voice legend Sairam Iyer. The song has already crossed 1.5 million and is still gaining by the thousands. The wonder voice Sairam Iyer has been universally applauded for this fresh and soothing creation that is so different from the rest.

As things are coming back on track gradually, this song spreads the message of a new ray of hope in a cheerful and celebratory way. In this masterpiece, the dual voice legend croons in his melodious voice; both male and female flawlessly.

Elated with the response from the audience Sairam Iyer says, “Considering the state of affairs today, given the pandemic and its repercussions, the world desperately needs a breather, a solace, a ray of hope and Umeed comes as that musical self-assurance which infuses hope and positivity for the world to look forward to.”

“Also, Umeed triggers the child in each one of us to break free from the shackles of self-imposed societal restrictions and gleefully enjoy and cheer the energies of nature like a free bird taking off towards the bright blue skies. Yes, Umeed, hope is the essence of life” he adds.

The collaboration of Sufiscore with Sairam Iyer for Umeed aims to spread a fresh essence of hope in a more cheerful way. This song is perfect to encourage people, to celebrate life with music by spreading hope that there’s always a greater sunrise after the darkest of nights with its lyrics ‘Umeed se hai yeh jahaan…Umeed se hai zindagi.

Sufiscore is dedicated to discovering and promoting the best in South Asian music. They strive to deliver the highest quality visual and audio experiences that are exemplary to the heritage of the art they present. Sufiscore has gained a growing multicultural community, uniting artists and music lovers from all over the world through their digital platforms. They provide a space for both legends of the industry and future stars. They are grateful to have worked with so many artists and continue scouting for more talent to join them in their mission.

Umeed is Composed by Santosh R. Nair and penned by Alok Ranjhan Jha. Creative Director is Sairam Iyer himself. The song is available on Sufiscore YouTube channel and on all streaming platforms!

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