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Taking the hairstyling and grooming industry by storm is the best African barber in Dubai, Rabi The Barber



Not just in Dubai, Rabi The Barber wants to establish his business in other regions of the world and give exemplary grooming services to all.

In a world that is attracted to and obsessed with overnight success stories, all those people whose stories infuse in the right and positive energies in others are the ones who are created from the ground up. One such story that has compelled people to take the grooming industry seriously and encouraged them to become a barber and hairstylist is of Rabi Sfaxi, aka Rabi The Barber. This youngster is all about his dexterity and zealousness to take over the world of hairstyling and grooming by storm and create his unique niche in the same.

To become the best barber in Dubai was not a walk in the park for this pure talent who comes from Tunisia. However, when one’s aim is powered by the abilities to go beyond boundaries and relentless efforts, nothing or nobody can stop them in getting nearer their goals in life, believes the best African barber in Dubai. Rabi The Barber tends to all his clients at a famous salon in Dubai named ‘Beats And Cuts’ and so far this salon has garnered much more momentum in the last few years with its increasing popularity, thanks to the incessant hard work and innovative hairstyling services of Rabi The Barber, who even has attracted many celebrities.

The top Dubai hairstylist is well-known for his cutting style, the vibe he creates around him and his ability to make all his clients feel comfortable at the salon. His hairstyling and cuts became so famous that even prominent personalities could not stop themselves from getting a grooming session under him. Some of the celebrities who have taken Rabi The Barber’s services include Will Smith, Lil Pump, Dj Snake, Wiz Kid, Imran Khan, Maitregims, Jay Sean, etc. and many footballers as well like Oscar, Januzaj, Lazaro Valentino, Ramirez, Aziz Bouhaddouz, etc.

Rabi The Barber has become a celebrity barber and the best footballer barber as well who has earned a renowned name across Dubai and is on his way to make it huge across the world as well. This youngster already has around 25K followers on Instagram, where he keeps posting new haircuts and styling he does for his celebrity clients and otherwise.

Looking at the momentum Rabi The Barber has created as the best African barber in Dubai; we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the haircutting and hairstyling game in the coming years. Follow him on Instagram now @rabithebarber to know more.

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