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‘QUKTRIPS’ CEO, Timothy Martin, Launches Tech Start-Up With A Focus On Millennials And The Entertainment Industry


Newly launched flight aggregator offers users over 5,000,000 hotels, cruises, airlines, car rentals, taxis, and thousands of magical destinations with just a click of a button. One will think that such a complex business will take thousands to launch, but 25-year-old Founder Timothy Martin was able to invest and launch his start-up in less than six business days. 

Born in Chicago but Raised in Rockford, Illinois, Martin started dabbling into business around 16, shooting music videos for local artists under his film label, ‘HardRockDigitalFilms.’ By the age of 21, the future CEO found himself in Los Angeles as the head of the marketing department at a TV Network that reached 16 million households and had channels airing across Dish Network, Comcast, Cox Media, Verizon Fios, and AT&T U-Verse, respectively. While at the network, Martin is credited for launching their celebrity news magazine to bring in a younger audience and developing a platform where local advertisers can pay for their commercial placements online.

Fast forward to four years later, Martin is at the helm of his tech start-up, (Executive Company), which will roll out an array of apps and services targeted toward millennials and the film industry. The name is inspired by Martin’s journey through the entertainment industry as he’s known to create strong connections with top entertainment execs and presidents at networks such as BET, Disney, Warner, and NBC. Martin was specifically inspired by BET Networks President Louis Carr, who occasionally met with Martin and put him in the room with other black leaders and CEOs such as ‘Shea Moistures’ Richelieu Dennis, Al Sharpton, Teddy Riley, and more. 

Hoping to become a true leader in business, Martin’s ‘XctveCo‘ is tapping into niche industries and strategically putting its efforts into branding and development. In 2021, ‘XctveCo‘ is set to introduce ‘Verse Network,’ a “niche” streaming platform targeted towards tweens and young adults and will be available to more than 46 million subscribers across Roku Channel’ and Smart TV. On top of that, ‘XctveCo‘ is developing ‘AssisMe,’ a new video app coming to IOS and Android to help newcomers land jobs in the TV and Film Industry. “I always enjoyed being creative, but business is what gets my blood pumping. There are so many different industries, and I want to explore as many as I can.” Martin says. 

Martin is already an inspiration to many and enjoys chatting with people who need advice or want to discuss their ideas. We’re going to continue following ‘XctveCo‘ and Martin on his entrepreneurial journey and look forward to the launch of ‘Verse Network‘ and ‘AssisMe.’ 

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