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Govt. E-marketplace (GeM) To Procure 3% Of Its Goods/Services From Women Entrepreneurs Now

One cannot deny that the startup sector in India is badly in need of some proper push towards revenue generation.  While there has been a...
In Pics: Demystifying The Greatest Political Ideologies Of The World

डेमिट्रिफईड: दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी राजनीतिक विचारधाराएं

वाम-पक्ष शब्द "बाएं" फ्रांसीसी क्रांति से आया है, जो फ्रांसीसी...

In Pics: Interesting Facts About The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections You Should Know

The 2019 general elections are scheduled to be held in 7 phases from 11th April to 19th May to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. With...