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Synerzi Real Estate- Marking its territory in the world of Real Estate Management since 2008


Search for your desirable Property ends here as Synerzi is the name you can rely upon for all your Property related matters like Buying, Selling or Lease purpose. Synerzi Real Estate is a property management company whose headquarters is situated in Gurugram, expanding its dealings through five branch offices. The company aspires to provide an unwavering commitment of excellence to their clients in service and business sectors through their work.

Synerzi has maintained a significant clientele database of MNCs, national establishments and working professionals for their requirements in offices, manufacturing and residential spaces. This database is highly accurate with authentic information built over years. The company’s basic priority is pure satisfaction of its customers and for that Synerzi goes great lengths to clarify its customers the considerable aspects that led towards a successful sale, buy or leasing of properties. Synerzi is like a course refresher  because it informs and updates the customers on new hot spot property investment locations, fresh builders, recent architectures, current prices of land and built up properties. Hence, Synerzi keeps its customers up to date on each essential point related to property which is why the company has an overall client satisfaction rating of 98%. 

Dealings in buying, selling and lease of various Industrial properties, Warehouses, Factories and Companies situated in prominent cities like Udyog Vihar, Manesar and Gurgaon is done by the Synergy Real Estate. The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has laid out various provisions that have created an improvised platform. Also, Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.(HSIIDC) has established online provisions and various amendments in their structure which has led to a higher scope of transparency and through that one can observe and inspect every detail online.This has helped in reduction of previously conducted Fake registries and other loopholes.

Synerzi has marked its territory by being among the list of Top Ten Property Management Establishments in the NCR. The reason for such is that the company provides its customers not only with accurate information but also delivers a mindful and holistic approach while looking for properties suitable for buying, selling and leasing purposes. Synerzi aims in developing a personal relationship with its customers which results in higher satisfaction of customers. The relationship with the customer does not end after the deal but is continued further by the company for years. The company strives to grow by serving its customers whether new or old and will continue to do so.

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