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To Sweater or Not? Semi-Winter Fashion


Winters are almost gone. Summers are almost here!

Or are they?

We can’t really tell. The weather’s quite amazing with light breeze and a little bit of sunshine. However, there’s a little problem too.

This weather makes me question myself every morning, “whether or not shall I carry this beautiful bundle of leather with me? What’s easier to bear, two or so chilly hours in the morning or the summer-like sun in the afternoon?”

See, there are reasons we get late.

Let’s help each other a little, shall we? It’s clothes, so yes, obviously.

1. Sweaters:

Sweaterssweaters (2)

It’s time to bring out those thin layers. There are a few things more comfortable than a sweater. What works even better? The sweater, being light-weight would provide you with just the right amount of warmth to cater to both chilly mornings and warm afternoons. They are very easy to pair, as they go well with jeans, leggings and even skirts.

2. Jackets:

Jackets (2)Jackets

Brown, black and tan. Plum even. Ohh, purple! Carry these dark-colored jackets in leather or suede with light shirts and tops. It’s literally the best time to manage light layers. They match up both formal and informal types of attire and are the best option when chic is what you’re aiming for.

3. Flannels:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetflannels (2)

Buttons up people, since obviously you won’t pull your socks up in these times. The flannel shirts work with great versatility, with leggings, jeggings, skinny or acid-wash jeans, you name it. Worn buttoned-up or as a layer over coloured vests, they pull up your outfit to point.

4. Loafers and Oxfords:

oxfords (2)Oxfords

Finally, you get to ditch those mile-high boots now, as you can complete any of us semi-winter outfit with a good pair of loafers, or even better, some classy oxfords. Unknown to many, these, unlike formal shoes, are worn without socks. Linen pants and light shirts work best with them.

5. Light scarves:


As much as we love circle scarves, it’s time we love the feathery ones too. With weathers as these, they won’t make you feel all sweaty, but will certainly make your outfit come point on. Go for subtle, simple ones if you’re wearing something patterned and vice versa.

6. Skater skirts and leggings:


Now that’s what we would call a match made in heaven. No two pieces of clothing complement each other better than a skater skirt and dark leggings. And, there’s no better time to wear these than semi-winters. These ccan be paired with flannels, sweaters and other light layering pieces.

Pair some of them together, and you’ll be done for a number of occasions. Added the variety of textures and shades you get for each item, the possibilities are endless.

Time for shopping now, isn’t it?

Source – All the pictures are from Pinterest and Google Images.



By Snigdha Singh


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