Find out how Swagmee’s salon at home services received 300+ bookings within 2 weeks of its launch

A visit to the salon can be rejuvenating but it comes with a (hefty) price. Add to it, the prior planning you need to find a few hours from your busy schedule, and the entire affair seems cumbersome. 

To make the salon experience comfortable and affordable for modern-day women, Abhinav Kumar Singh launched the unique beauty services platform – Swagmee 

Abhinav Kumar Singh, an IT expert and a certified Magento Developer has more than 13 years of experience offering eCommerce consultancy for the beauty industry. Spending so much time studying the beauty industry, he saw its huge potential and identified the gap in the salon market that makes the service highly expensive for the end-user. He realized the need for a more affordable & transparent beauty service platform which gave birth to Swagmee, a new addition to Allin Group. Allin Group already has 3 successful branches named Allin Exporters, Allin Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., Allin Impex Pvt. Ltd. and Allin Pro Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

Swagmee is a one-of-its-kind home salon service that follows a distinctive and completely transparent pricing model. Currently, the platform is offering its services across Delhi-NCR and has on boarded more than 300 beauty experts, employed after a comprehensive training of 3 months in their training center in Noida.

After their grand launch and massive success in Delhi-NCR, Swagmee is all set to expand its presence into other metro cities, including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata. By the end of this year, Swagmee aims at having its bases across all major Indian cities.

Abhinav Kumar Singh & Mamta Garg, Co-founders of Swagmee talk about what makes their platform so unique, “Of course, there are other companies offering home salon services. However, their services are very expensive. Mainly because the customer is not informed about the cost of the beauty products being used. With Swagmee, we have a very transparent pricing model where we offer the complete breakup of costing (products + each service) for the client. This way, they can be very clear about where their money is going. This can become a turning point for the beauty salon industry.”

Customers are loving the Swagmee services

“I am in love with their one-time-use product model. The beauty expert who visited me was well-trained and followed all the COVID-19 protocols. The best part is that I could get a pedicure done while attending office meetings. Swagmee is a blessing for busy professionals like us who do not want to waste hours visiting the salon and want clarity on the money spent” reveals Dhwani Sharma, a Social Media Influencer & a Swagmee client.

Another client Rituparna says, “Being a new mother, I missed the me-time I used to have before. Swagmee brings the pampering home where I can enjoy the salon services while catering to my toddler’s needs. What more can I ask for?”

Initial Days

“As there were many established home service providers, getting beauticians to join a new company was a daunting task. Another challenge we had to overcome was working with huge brands to directly source the products, thereby saving middleman cost and ensuring full transparency in the process,” adds Abhinav.

“A lot of beauticians who worked in the salon earlier were also lacking the knowledge, right abilities and understanding of beauty treatments. To ensure every beautician is well-trained,  Swagmee salon at home in Noida, Delhi NCR has a mandatory 3-month training at the time of on boarding. During the course of training, beauticians also learn about hygiene practices, Covid-19 protocols, and communication skills, which is of paramount industry, especially in a post-covid world. Along with this they are also properly trained to use different beauty tools like Jade Roller, Gua Sha, Electric Massagers, etc. that are an essential part of our beauty services ”, adds Mamta Garg, co-founder of Swagmee.

Future Plans

“We want to make luxury salon services affordable for one and all. Our primary target is to cater to middle-class urban women by keeping our prices low and transparent. We also have a well-planned commission structure, where each beauty expert earns a handsome amount every month and is thus attracting a lot of professionals to join our platform” states Abhinav.

As per, “The Global Beauty and Personal Care Market was valued at USD 422.72 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 558.12 billion, growing with the CAGR of 4.82% by 2026.” 

Realizing the market potential, Swagmee is planning to launch its range of natural and affordable cosmetics products in the next few years. Also, if everything goes according to the plan, Swagmee, salon at home is all set to become the No.1 beauty service provider in India with their offerings in almost every domain of the beauty market.

Disclaimer: The images used are the sole property of Swagmee; any unauthorized use will result in legal action. 


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