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Suntrap Life Technologies discovered a natural anti-COVID-19 compound


“LeSoleil”, a natural product, was discovered as a highly potential drug candidate against COVID-19.

As the new coronavirus continues to spread globally, Suntrap Life Technologies LTD. established a special research team in mid-January. The project, “Research on Anti-New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Products”, was launched in an emergency. Relying on the naturally active compounds screening and discovery platform independently developed by the International Drug Discovery Network Unites (IDDNU), Suntrap research team conducted high throughput virtual screening of naturally active compounds library, aiming to find hit compounds with potent antiviral activity and ensuring safety. Consequently, “LeSoleil”, a highly potential candidate was discovered. After further evaluation of its antiviral activity and safety, the sensitivity experiment of the COVID-19 to “LeSoleil” was accomplished in conjunction with the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Public Health. With the core R&D progressing smoothly, effective prevention and treatment of COVID-19 are coming to realize. 

Starting in early August, this sensitivity experiment lasted for about one month. The results indicated the “LeSoleil” has a potent in vitro inhibitory effect on the COVID-19, with a great potential to be a drug candidate. The experimental details showed that the TC50 (Half Toxicity Concentration) of “LeSoleil” is 71.16 μM, within which, the highest inhibition rate of COVID-19 reached 99.41%. In addition, Suntrap research team found that “LeSoleil” retained a high inhibitory effect against COVID-19 even at low concentration groups, which has been particularly prominent in several verification experiments. The figure below shows the viability of cells at a concentration of 114.8 nM, with an unexpected inhibition rate up to 63.06%.

 Cell viability in COVID-19 sensitivity experiment

A: The cell control group B: The virus control group C: The drug test group

* LeSoleil Concentration = 114.8 nM

Furthermore, the in vivo experiment of rats showed LD50 of “LeSoleil” is above 2000 mg/kg. As a naturally occurring compound, the plant-derived “LeSoleil” has the advantages of low toxicity, good tolerance, and high accessibility, which provide a guarantee for the rapid development of multi-dose protective and therapeutic drug products. 

For now, Suntrap research team has completed the formulations of “ShengPu NO.1” & “ShengPu NO.2”, providing the protection against COVID-19 for nasal cavity and oral cavity, respectively, with the spray dosage form. In these formulations, antiviral effect of “LeSoleil” remains the best condition with ensuring safety. At the same time, drugs and clinically therapeutic formulations for the treatment of COVID-19 are being further explored. 

Suntrap research team hopes to develop effective drugs for the prevention and treatment of broad-spectrum coronavirus as soon as possible.

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