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Andrew Perrie – The Real Estate expert, who has scaled his business through social media, reveals his secret to success


Marketing the right way can help the real estate industry go places, and Andrew knows exactly how to do that, read on to know how…

Since the beginning of this year, businesses have struggled due to the pandemic affecting the whole globe, specifically the real estate industry which had taken a hard hit at the beginning of the pandemic. The impact was such that many realtors we having a difficult time adjusting to the shift in the real estate industry. The economic slowdown had completely derailed the real estate activities, in the beginning, when that time of year was meant to be a thriving spring market. In such onerous times, real estate expert, Andrew has come out with his winning strategies which had him go from zero to $25,000,000+ in real estate sales volumes which can be attributed through his online medium, which is astonishing. He is all set to share his secrets through social media channels, which serves as a golden opportunity for the real estate industry.

Let’s take a look at what makes Andrew, the right man who knows the right way to succeed in real estate. Andrew has got rich experience in the real estate field, with him being a director at one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Ontario – Revel Realty Inc. Apart from being the director of this firm, he runs a real estate team called The Fine Estates Team, is a successful real estate investor and a popular influencer who has a close connections with his online audience. His unique and innovative strategies have created a huge impact, especially promoting real estate projects through strategic video marketing, which he was way ahead of its time.

His growing online presence has also played an important part in pushing his business to extreme limits. Having a wide audience reach has its own advantages, with more than 18k followers on Instagram, Andrew, today stands as one of the most influential business leaders known to real estate industry. He says “Growing business is not only about increasing your customer base, but it’s about creating relationships, which are meant to stay, for life”. 

Andrew with his vast knowledge and know-how, shares motivational stories, investment tips, and marketing/branding strategies which are good enough to give that much required boost that one needs to succeed in business.

To know more about Andrew and his real estate business follow him on Instagram; or visit .

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