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Success & Failures are only Choices We Make


“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me……Going to bed at night saying We’ve done something wonderful……that’s what matters to me – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the founder of the most delicious techno-fruit -“Apple” died on 5th October. An american inventor and business tycoon, Steve founded the Apple Co. in 1976.  A college dropout, Steve, revolutionized the the world of electronic gadgets. He was ranked # 17 on the list of “World’s most influential people” by Forbes in September 2011. He was also the recipient of the prestigious  award “National Medal of Technology” given by then President Ronald Reagan in 1984.  He served as the CEO of Apple from 1996 to August 2011.He is truly described as Edison and Ford of his times.
At the death of Steve, the world has lost a genius scientist and Apple something more than that……
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