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F1 Pit Crew Roles.


Usually its the driver who manages to steal the limelight but always do we forget to give due credit to the F1 Pit Crew. I would like to showcase some light on the f1 Pit Crew Roles and how each man is important to get the car going.
Lollipop Man” holds the team’s pit sign, helping the driver identify his pit stall on a possibly crowded pit road. During the stop, he holds the sign in position to remind the driver to keep his brakes on while tires are being changed, and then to remember to put the car in first gear once the jacks are lowered.He also gives the driver the sign to depart his pit stall by raising the sign from in front of the driver. 
In 2008, Ferrari used a traffic light system to replace the Lollipop Man. A red light signaled the driver to keep his brakes on, an amber light to put the car in first gear, and a green light to signal the driver to depart his pit stall. However, after human error caused Felipe Massa to drive off with his fuel hose still attached during the Singapore Grand Prix, Ferrari reverted back to the Lollipop Man system. However, in the 2010 and current 2011 season, Ferrari have once again reverted to a traffic light system, as have some other teams.
The four tyre changers, one at each corner of the car, have the sole responsibility of using a pneumatic wrench to remove the car’s single locking lug nut from each tyre, then reinstall it on the new tyre.Eight tyre carriers are used, two at each corner of the car, one assigned the task of removing the old tyre from the car, and one to install the new tyre on it. The front new tyre carriers also have the responsibility of adjusting the car’s front wing during the stop.

The front and rear jack men use simple lever-type jacks to lift the car and permit the changing of tyres. The job of front jack man is considered the most hazardous, as it requires standing directly in front of the car as it enters its pit stall. By contrast, due to the location of his duties directly behind the car, the rear jack man is the only team member not in his working position before the car enters its pit stall.

The fire extinguisher man does not actually work on the car; instead, he stands ready with a hand-held fire extinguisher to try and stop any accidental fires that may occur during a stop, at least long enough for the pit crew and driver to evacuate. This job became standard following Jos Verstappen’s 1994 pit fire.

The starter man does not normally work on the car. His job is to stand ready with a starter tool to restart the car should the driver stall his engine during the stop.

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