Keaton Jones took the internet by storm with his heartfelt message against bullying in a viral video BUT… A HUGE BUT… The internet had other plans and quickly exposed him and his family who are claimed to be racists by multiple sources as per their pictures which spread like wildfire on the internet.

The internet wins, yet again.

The Story To Begin With:

11 year-old Keaton Jones is a normal white kid going to school and one fine day, we see a video of Keaton Jones creating waves on social media as he issues a heartfelt message about him being bullied in the school premises where he says that he was made fun of for his nose and the “bullies” poured milk and ham on his clothes.

Following the video, Keaton Jones was supported by various movie stars such as Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans (Hulk and Captain America from the Avengers franchise) and they invited out Keaton Jones to the premier of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018.

What a story, eh!

What Happened In The Aftermath:

Keaton Jones became the quintessential poster kid for bullying and a GoFundMe page was started for his cause and guess what?

That page raised over 58,000 US DOLLARS.

But well, it was all too good to be true.

Revealing The Truth:

Photos and posts started surfacing on the internet where Keaton Jones and his mother were shown standing by the Confederate Flag, which has been largely associated with slavery, white supremacy, hatred towards black people and is a symbol of racism which has since been adopted by the white supremacist society, the KKK (Ku Klux Klan).

His mother has been suspected as a racist who herself has reportedly made controversial statements about black people in the past and has directed racial slurs about the black population.

Sources have further revealed that the Keaton Jones bullying incident only happened because Keaton first referred to the black kids in his school as “niggers”, a derogatory term for the black population and as a means of retaliation against his racism, the kids fought back.

WELL, WELL, WELL. How the tables have turned.

What Now:

The GoFundMe page set up by Joseph Lam in the name of helping this cause has been now put on hold after the revelation of the videos and pictures which revealed the other side of the story and tried to investigate how Keaton’s mother is herself a suspected racist.

The internet is in shock as to how people can quickly gain popularity without validation and how quickly false causes get the kick of the karma.

Author’s Take:

In an era where negativity has leeched on to this generation as a parasite and the fact that we still debate the Black Lives Matter movement, the revelation of Keaton’s mother as a suspected racist and her photos with the Confederate Flag prove that racism and propaganda knows no bounds.

Sure, it’d be wrong to judge Keaton’s mother for she may have been such a person in the past and she wants to protect her child but does maternity deny and defy the fact that her child first instigated the bullying by insulting another individual because of the racist influence on him by his family?

Do moral and ethical teachings play no role here?

We’ve come a long way from being a generation of freedom fighters to keyboard/armchair activists and this misinformation again proves that anything on the internet can’t be trusted and shouldn’t be judged without the lack of definitive proof.

Millennial causes are over-analyzed and over-sympathized with, much to the dismay of people who’ve actually tolerated abuse, racism, and abuse at the hands of the authority.

A similar incident recently happened in India where a 17-year-old actress Zaira Wasim took it to Instagram and had an emotional breakdown in a video where she detailed how she was allegedly molested in her flight by a fellow passenger.

The internet was quick to react and offer her condolences but further analysis of the problem questioned her decision to use Instagram after she de-boarded the flight and the fact that she never complained to the cabin crew, stewardesses or any in-flight staff about her problems and even if she was confused, she didn’t even ask her seat to be changed.

Her evidence: The photo of the molester’s foot. HOW CONVENIENT.

Folks, our ignorance makes us part of the sheep culture. Don’t let emotions define your judgment of right or wrong. Always be analytical and read between the lines.

Yes, you should stand up for what’s right but always, I mean always work on a cause after you’re presented with definitive proof. Goes for all of us.

Stay alert.

Image Credits: Google Images

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