So Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma finally got married. After a Bollywood-esque kind of relationship, where they met on the set of an anti-dandruff shampoo ad, started liking each other, dated, then duniya walon ki wajah se broke up, fought against all odds and got back together, they have finally come together in the holy bond of a marriage.

But, while it is nothing new for a popular cricketer in India to have a pretty wife, the fact that makes their relationship different from any other is Anushka’s profession and her success in it.

Not only is she considered in the big leagues of Bollywood in terms of acting, but her venture as a producer too has earned a lot of acclaims, critical and commercial both.

Virat Kohli has essentially gotten married to a Bollywood actress who is at the top of her game and the both of them are setting an example for the otherwise regressive and in some cases misogynist sportsmen we see these days.

Cricketers And Their Wives

The wives of our Indian cricketers are usually in the news, however, it is not for their achievements but instead how ‘hot’ or ‘fashionable’ they are.

Whether you take Dhoni, Harbhajan, Yuvraj Singh, or even Sachin, they have all got wives coming from non-glamourous professions, who have eventually left their job to take care of their husbands.

Very non-ambitious, house managing kind of partners, who either did not have a very strong career to speak of or gave it up like Sachin Tendulkar’s wife Anjali Tendulkar gave up.

But, Virat Kohli has set an example in a way that he is a secure man who does not need a docile and ‘normal’ wife who’s entire universe will revolve around her husband.

Instead by getting married to Anushka, who is fiercely independent, extremely ambitious, comes from a glamorous industry where working hours are insane, there is barely any difference between man and woman and is also at the peak of her career, Kohli has shown that it is not that big of an anomaly for a cricketer to have a successful wife.

In a way, this shows that both Kohli and Anushka come from a secure and stable mindset, where they don’t need a spouse to be submissive or less successful than they are.

There have been very few cricketers who have such strong partners, seeing as how Anushka not only walks shoulder to shoulder with Virat but in future may even lead him.

That is not to say that all cricketers have gone the same route with Dinesh Karthik having successful squash player Dipika Pallikal as a wife, Shikhar Dhawan’s wife is a kickboxer, Vijeta Pendharkar, wife of Rahul Dravid is a surgeon.

But Virat Kohli is perhaps the first cricketer to have a wife who is equal to him in terms of professional success and with a strong personality. It takes a secure being who can adjust to their partner having their own life paths and ambitions instead of merging it into their spouse’s life.

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Universal Mindset Among Men

This seems to be a universal mindset among men all around and is not just restricted to the world of cricket.

Even in Bollywood, many of the actors have gone for a girl that is not as well known as them. John Abraham left the successful Bipasha Basu and even Shahid Kapur could not take successful and ambitious partners like Priyanka Chopra or Vidya Balan.

An acquaintance of mine shared a story yesterday, of how a male friend of her’s even after coming from an educated and modern background, wanted a working but non-ambitious wife. Although she could work but not as late as him and should be home at a respectable hour.

There is a certain mindset among men, that does not allow them to take a powerful spouse and that comes from the male ego and superiority ideology that they have been fed since birth.

Our society itself makes men unable to deal with a partner who is equal to them in all areas and instead put all the burden on women to take a step back in order to soothe their husband’s pride.

However, perhaps with examples like Virat Kohli in India and George Clooney in Hollywood who got married to the uber-successful Amal Clooney, men could begin to understand that having a strong and ambitious partner is not as impossible as it sounds.

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