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Speech That Modi SHOULD HAVE Given On Independence Day



Today I stand here at the Red Fort to address the 120 crore people of my country and also to address the NRI population outside the country who are devoting their time and money helping to raise the image of India.

I appear in front of you, debilitated, on our 70th Independence Day. Having taken no holidays in the entire time period of 2 years, I feel that I have gained immense love and support from the country to begin a new revolution. But it would not be true to say this. I’m tired of this and you will know why and how just bear with me.

The Constitution of India begins with the letters “We the people of India”. Let us not forget that the very first words of the holy book that the country rides are linked with Unity. The past year we have been separating the letters of the words WE. There are individuals, organizations, parties, and media who have tarnished the very basic image of our country’s unity.

The very basic issue which needs to be enticed is the segregation of titles that is happening in the present era. After 70 years of Independence and 67 years of reservation, we have yet not achieved equality as our goal. The very fact that a student is not called a student, but a Dalit student, shows that how backward we are in our approach. Finding out someone’s caste is more relevant than his merit. And this needs to be changed.

Friends, in the past years I have tried to revive the economy of the country by visiting various countries like USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, etc. and signing innumerable number of memorandums. The Indian economy is now in a better shape than it has ever been. Youth is more participative than ever. Whether the government has done good or bad in the economic sphere is a matter of numbers and charts. Anybody having an internet connection can access the ratios.

We have tried to encourage start-ups which are the new entry to the future of world companies. I have always been of the opinion that involvement of youth is necessary for the upliftment of a country. Through my initiatives, I have tried to prove so again and again. In the course of doing so, I have failed at paying attention to the social evils that got crept into the minds of not only the youth but also the aged and the experienced ones.

Young people now have started to get involved in the process of saffronization by representing themselves as protector of Hindu religion and guardian of the country. I am ashamed of that. I feel disgraceful to have been misinterpreted by those notorious crowd.

Despite all the progress that I have tried to make and actually made some, I am deeply regretful of the things that have gone out of my and my nation’s hand. Last time, from this very platform, I had declared that I’m a Pradhan Sevak and not a Pradhan Mantri. Time and again, my party has proved me wrong. I am unable to control the blabber mouth of my own party members.

MPs like Yogi Adityanath have no respect for the nation or for any other human being and have always said things shamelessly in public that I cannot even imagine in my wildest dreams. I am sick of them. I feel ashamed to be forced to stand with them in rallies and fake a smile and hug them in public. I have no respect for such venom filled reptiles.

The women in our country are now evolving. Our government has always supported women in every field and have always come up with schemes like #BetiPadhaoBetiBachao. We always had a benevolent motive behind each scheme. I feel disrespectful when I advocate women rights because at the back of my mind I know I have only 6 cabinet ministers who are women.

And then there are party members like Dayashankar who compare female politicians to prostitutes. And then there are people who advocate his ideology. All the initiatives seem to shatter when such crotch clutching controversies happen. 

I might be confident enough to say that the country is doing more progress than it has been doing in the Congress regime, but, at the same time, I know that hatred towards Muslims is more than it was ever in the congress times. I’m standing here at the Lal Quila which was built by a Mughal ruler. It is so ironical to be standing at a Muslim architecture having all my life advocated for Ram Mandir. I want to assure the country that I personally have no resentment towards the Muslim community. Then again I have only one Muslim Cabinet minister.

We won the election on the name of Development. It seems that our development has now shifted more towards the development of India into a Hindu driven society. Saffronization attempts have been more than I had ever thought. People think that we voluntarily are involved in the process of beef banning, porn banning, name changing, etc. They have to realize that we have won the elections only because of the backing of the RSS and other Hindu communities so we do have to return the favor and also, next elections are only 2 years late.

In all the mistakes that I have done, I feel I have somehow seemed to spark up the ideologies of my followers who seem to be following my mistakes instead of following the good that I have done. My bombarding fans who have not much to do are now advocating on my behalf. They protect me from criticisms and abuse those who don’t agree with them or me. I feel sorry for this. Sorry for igniting the negative side of the youth and the aged. Sorry for setting a bad example, socially.

I can’t resist saying this:


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Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
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