Uber gives us a lot of horror stories, from the simple ones like nagging driver, cancelling, taking hours to arrive at location to the more serious ones such as harassment, sexual assault, stealing etc. 

With cab services becoming more and more common these days, almost all of us have had interesting or memorable encounters with the taxi drivers. 

Some border on us screaming and them screaming, other instances are of the driver talking incessantly, but then there are also those ones where the driver is actually really good at conversation and inspires you. 

One of them being comedian Sorabh Pant’s post about a motivating interaction he had with an Uber driver.

What Was The Story?

Sorabh Pant, a popular Indian comedian recently made this post on his LinkedIn page:

The post talked about how Pant’s Uber driver had shared snippets of his life such as how he’s been working for 25 years or how he started investing in property from the age of 21. 

Often times we don’t really pay attention to our cab drivers or service people, when in fact they can really surprise us in ways we hadn’t thought about. 

The driver also commented on how he wanted a good education for his daughter and how love marriage is not that complicated. As per the post he stated that, “Usko apne career ke ladke ke saath aur understanding hogi.”

He had actually posted about his encounter with this driver earlier in October in a tweet:

In this he made a sarcastic comment on how many of these cab drivers have such difficult lives and in comparison to them we live a much more privileged life. 

The LinkedIn post was actually a continuation of this one itself and gave more insight into the driver and what all he had done.

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What We Can Learn From This?

Frankly, these type of posts always serve to remind us that there are motivational stories all around us. 

Pant’s comment that we don’t really need to listen to some CEO to get motivated and in fact can get inspiration from normal people around us is extremely valid in today’s time. 

I also believe that talking to people providing a service can make us view them as actual people and understand where they come from. 

Success or motivational stories don’t always have to come from a millionaire or someone winning an award. They can come from our driver, the maid, the shopkeeper at our corner market. 

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