In yet another mind-numbing Instagram video, Kangana Ranaut has put forward her thoughts, albeit jumbled and taken a jibe at the influence of intellectuals and some media houses.

She accused them of constantly belittling India on the international platform and dismissed their actions as mere tricks to woo the common man.

Sitting Through The Entire Video

As exhausting as it sounds, some of us sat through the entire video and took down notes. Because truth be told, the queen of chaos is here to stay. 

We can’t simply overlook her passionately expressed thoughts without reflecting upon ourselves. We are responsible for feeding her the content.

As for the video in question, she came forward to share the “disturbing” things that came to her notice. 

Here’s the viral video of one such dedicated fan, Pulkit Kochar, who took to sharing all the major highlights of the queen’s soliloquy and provided us with only the “sensible parts” of the video. 

Many personalities reacted to the same.

Not only did it leave us in splits, but it also refreshed us of the actual situation at hand.

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Kangana’s Blame Game

The queen blamed the other nations and talked about India’s call for solidarity whenever India faces a crisis. 

This seemed rather ludicrous since she herself doesn’t leave a chance to downplay other nations. 

Moving on, she tried swaying the consensus, “These foreigners think we won’t be able to function at all lest they come and teach us.”

But despite the unnecessary 1.52 minutes of screen time, she did provide us with a fact. The fact that “we don’t know what democracy is.”

Let’s face it. Do we really? Has not the scenario changed so much so that the line between a  democratic and an authoritarian nation has blurred?

“Who is to be chosen?” The queen spits fact after fact for a whole 20 seconds. And to think of the sense she made during that interval, baffling! 

Next came a jibe at the intellectuals. According to Kangana’s dictionary, “intellectual” only has sense when used to mock someone. 

Well, our queen is different. What’s true for her, is not for the rest of the world. And her unfiltered soliloquies (yes, soliloquy and not speech because she talks to herself most of the time) are not out of fear. Rather, out of angst towards the entire humankind. 

That being said, one thing that she talked about and is factually correct yet terrible to imagine to an extreme level, is that pictures of pyre burning and dead bodies are indeed being sold on the net. 

Yes, there are buyers. These pictures are worth 23,000 and more as stock images. How horrifying!

But apart from that, nothing is of significance. And definitely of questionable sense. 

We heard the words “communist virus” coming out of the queen’s mouth as well and were shocked for a moment. 

Lastly, she accused almost every media house and intellectual of falsely blaming India’s government and overseeing the disastrous pandemic effects in Italy, the USA, and England. 

Is The Government To Be blamed?

If the queen is to be considered, the government should always walk unscathed. People are to take the downfall. 

And to answer her last question, other nations have lost lives to the pandemic. While we have lost lives to the incompetent resources meant to help us through the pandemic. 

But guys for real, instead of finding faults where they are to be found, let’s please focus on less pressing issues and digress from the origin of it all. 

It’s a humble request.

Gauging Public’s Reaction

When we speak about feminism, it’s very important to speak about women getting at least primary level education because this is what happens when they don’t get it,” said Aishwarya Sinha, a BDS student. 

Another user, Saloni Gaur, quite famous for mimicking and mocking Kangana, shared a parody of the video and it (not surprisingly) went viral. Here’s the hilarious video. Enjoy!

While many outrageously called her out for her miscalculated facts and over-the-top blame game, a few others agreed to the influence she herself holds over us all.

All in all, as soon as the video came out, the public went berserk. 

Kangana’s Resonance

But despite all the unnecessary drama and outright chaos, we have to accept that Kangana’s voice resonates with a lot of people. She, along with her supporters, has diminished the NDs and strongly put forward her own POV.

Community support gets bashed in her perspective because it’s each man for himself. Capitalism reigns overall. And of course, the perpetrators are never held accountable.   

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