November 01: Good governance is what sets apart a developed city from other under-developed ones. It takes selfless people and great dedication to the welfare of people to bring about positive change. In a developing country like ours, where we are grappling with issues daily, it takes meticulous planning and thoughtful execution to overcome the challenges. It is due to the tireless efforts of some people that our country is becoming better each day. One of these selfless people is social worker Hiren Khimaniya, who is committed to the welfare of Rajkot.

Ever since Hiren was a teenager, he has been working to bring about meaningful changes to the lives of the people in Rajkot. Working as the corporator of ward no.1 in Rajkot, he is striving each day to stay corruption-free and improve essential aspects of the city such as sanitation and education. He is loved by the people for his commitment and persistence.

Hiren works as the chairman of Rajkot Municipal Corporation. His primary areas of emphasis include food for all, education for all, and good sanitation. Hiren says that he sets weekly, monthly and annual goals for himself. These goals help him achieve milestones that he visualizes for his constituency. As a part of his efforts to ensure food for all, Hiren has been executing the Prime Minister’s Garib Kalyan food scheme in his constituency. He takes the necessary steps to make sure that the food packets reach only the rightful recipients and are not misused. He describes this as the primary execution challenge.

Hiren also holds the position of chairman of Drainage Samiti of Rajkot Municipal Corporation. He has used this position to improve the sanitation facilities in the area. Right from procuring drainage cleaning systems to training the employees on their use, his team is working day and night to put a stop to manual scavenging. Hiren is hopeful that the establishment of a proper sanitation system will greatly improve the health conditions in the area.

Despite the pandemic, Hiren has been available for the well-being of the people of the constituency. Daily wage workers in the area have only good things to say about Hiren because he arranged meals for them during the lockdown. Hiren also distributed masks to the poor residents of the constituency. 

Hiren also regards education as essential. He is the trustee for PD Malaviya college and innovative international schools. From counselling parents to send their children to school to ensuring all facilities to students to help them complete their education, Hiren does it all. He is also the vice-president of a famous boys hostel in Rajkot. Ahir Boarding Rajkot offers accommodation to students at very low prices.

The way Hiren keeps public welfare above his comfort makes him the perfect example of a good leader. He says that he does it for the blessings of the people and due to his love for Rajkot.

We wish Hiren luck and hope he fulfils all his visions.



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