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Fake Friendly Fridays With Severus Snape


By Rusel D’cruze

Greetings to our lovely audience, today we have the gracious presence of none other than Harry Potter’s most misunderstood hero, one of the greatest characters in the battle against the Dark Lord….and also your most fearsome, monstrous excuse for a teacher you could ever imagine…Severus Snape.


ED’s Rusel with Severus Snape

Give it up for SEVERUS SNAPE…without pissing him off.

ED: We are delighted to have you, Professor Snape. Respecting your rather irascible disposition we’d like to get straight to the point before you poison us. Very little is known about your history apart from your famous yet noble treachery against the Dark Lord and your innocent feelings for the late Lily Potter. Would you like to tell us about your early life?

Snape: I was born in the poorer areas close to the Lily’s house. That was how I got to know Lily Evans. Lily’s was always my most cherished bond because at home I lived a fractured childhood. Remembering that bitter nostalgia reminds me of the dark life I always led. It wasn’t my fault I never found any comfort with a society of other children or people but the society of one gem of a friend alone, Lily…

ED: Tell us about your life at Hogwarts in connection to that?

Snape: Hogwarts was the only place I could ever call ‘home’, despite the incessant bullying of the attention-seeking Marauders, that James….it was because of them that I began to hate Gryffindor as a house for the arrogant. Yes the roots of my mistakes are the childish things I did for Lily, my blinded conscience when I went deeper into Slytherin, my passion for the Dark Arts leading to my lust for revenge and my failure to see the difference between the two. I will not go any further than that.

ED: Our sympathies. However you are the brightest example of a life of change, of being able to fight evil despite only knowing pain throughout your life. Tell us about the Half-Blood Prince, Professor.

Snape: I’ve always been a misfit, a half-blood in Slytherin, simply put. My mother’s maiden name was Prince. That’s all. You see, I’ve got a very harsh name….Severus means ‘severe’ in Latin.

ED: Would you mind elaborating on your thoughts on that?

Snape: Well then, it was only a title of respect I endowed myself upon. Incognito. My personality and character itself.All of that….is the Half Blood Prince.

ED: Delving into you as an academician and a wizard…what have been your contributions to Wizardry and Witchcraft?

Snape: Well, life never gave any better friend than myself…I suffered from the abundance of time and space I needed for my own discoveries. Apart from the spells I invented….I’ve always maintained my prowess at my potions…and been rather unusually pestered by the lesser able in demand for it. That’s all I’d ever give you the privilege to know.

ED: You were very well misunderstood throughout the odyssey of Harry Potter….what would you tell us with regard to the respect you have now compared to the hatred earlier?

Snape: Do I look like a man who cares about that? Oh of course, they will celebrate me…NOW…impulsive as we all are, I don’t blame my former haters. Yes, my dark past has influenced that formidable side of me that my students and colleagues resent, and I don’t mind pleasing them with any sweeter a personality.

But all that I did, it was for Lily. It was not for Harry Potter, it was for Lily’s son. I would agree that I was essential through all of what was Dumbledore’s orchestration. I only did my best for Lily. I truly think nothing about being misunderstood and I regard their former hatred and current adulation with equal indifference.

ED: Well, our final question for the day; tell us your own feelings about the most striking story of the most noble treachery ever in Harry Potter….how did you feel being a double agent to the darkest force in the wizarding world?

Snape: Well, personally, it was another of those huge decisions I had taken in quite a flash but I feel it was the only decision that ever led to better things to look forward to in life. My feelings for Lily were always the strongest emotion I ever knew, my allegiance to Lord Voldemort was insignificant.

And Harry, he was the toughest to deal with. My dear Lily’s son he was, those unforgettable eyes. But his disposition would never remind me of his mother’s grace. All he carried was his father’s arrogance, fame and an urge to get himself killed by poking into the wrong business.

I was confused about whose side of his parentage I should attach my emotions to. Hate him for being James’ son? Or love him for being Lily’s? We are ever so weak in virtue and conscience, hate is so much more penetrative a poison than love.

We can hate in an instant and forget years of love….rather naturally I hated first, quite like Lily did when I accidentally called her a ‘Mudblood’ when she stepped in to help me that fateful day. I feel sorry for both of us, how I lost my dearest connection to humanity in the same instant as she forgot years of friendship.

I could never forget my love, henceforth, I am proud to be a traitor. I would never serve the hand that murdered my only love. It was not for Dumbledore, not for Hogwarts, not for the Dark Arts, but for Lily. For that one name. I’ll wrap it up with this; I did well in the end.

ED: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen…..that was Severus Snape for you…

Snape: Oh, before I leave….I haven’t said this today…..I insist that I do.

ED: Yes, what is it, professor?

Snape: Always.

Featured Image Credits: Panache Ideas

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