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Smartphone technology trends for 2014: What CES’14 has to tell us?


ces 2014

By Akmal Farooq

So yes CES “14 Las Vegas is a big event. But is it too early to draw any picture out of the first big Technology Fair of 2014. Well I will answer that with another question, “Do we need any more reasons? “. We can’t control our enthusiasm, period!

Although there were not many top companies displaying their smartphones, disappointed, we get it.

But what do we care more for, yes it’s the technology that will be packing in those smartphones to go with it.

  • Eye Lock ID 

Iris unlock, so you can secure your device that will be only unlocked by your eye. So Samsung are planning to outdo Apple’s Touch ID by introducing Eye Lock ID in Galaxy S5, only strong rumours though. Imagine, people putting their eye next to their smartphone screen to unlock the device, funny wouldn’t it be? And those jokes, ehh.

  • Wearable devices 

This year might see the biggest influence of wearable devices. Talk about those metal Pebble smart watches, they looked Gangsta. There are fitness bands, smart glasses that will dominate the gadget scene. All these devices have smartphone as their foundation. Fan of James Bond, hell yeah we can be more like him wearing all these devices. pebble metal watch

  • Touch free-gesture control

Past has not been very bright for gesture control in smartphones, nevertheless we always wish to have something this cool in our hands. With the use of Ultrasound in touch free gesturing, developed by Elliptic Labs, will make our smartphones much cooler.  The company promises it will live in devices this year. With this new technology the gesture control will be more elaborate and accurate. Here again the first contender is Samsung Galaxy S5 to come up with this technology. Feeling lazy already? iphone self cleaning case

So, not many but few more mentions are there like new kind of Gorilla glass called antimicrobial Gorilla Glass which we will  definitely see this year. iPhone owners have this new exciting “self-cleaning” case with antimicrobial lining.

Concluding, I can’t wait. If you ask me, this year will be the “year of wearable devices”. They will surge to the maximum heights this year. Other technologies mentioned will definitely make a big presence in 2014 smartphones.

Share your opinions and the technology that got you most excited at CES 2014 in the comment section.



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