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Life throws punches. Donate Blood! It saves lives.



By  Amy Rachiele, M. Ed.

Whether it is an uppercut to the jaw or a blast to the stomach, life throws punches.  They can suck the life out of you or knock basic functioning skills right out of your brain, leaving you crippled.  Punches more brutal than a literal one.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer a year ago.  It took us by surprise because he wasn’t sick.  He had a pain in his back.  The doctor sent him for tests and wham!  Tumors were found on his kidneys and a mass had cracked a vertebra in his spine.

The doctors decided to take the kidney out.  They wanted to do it the old fashioned way – a huge slice through the skin.  No little holes from laparoscopy.  A slice in his stomach area so big that; if he was pregnant, they could have fit four babies through it.

When you think of cancer, you think of chemotherapy, radiation, lots of medication and throwing up.  We forget about the complications from surgery.

Following the surgery, hours after, he was in his room resting.  His skin became pale, he started to sweat, and was slipping in to unconsciousness.

He was bleeding internally, severely.

Emergency surgery was performed at midnight to cauterize the area again.  Two things saved my husband that night:  Combat Medical Training and a Selfless Blood Donor – someone who took the time to give!

Being on the battlefield taught my husband what to look for and the symptoms.  He called the nurse immediately.  They rushed fluids into him and the most important thing he needed – blood.

We are comforted by the fact that he can live with one kidney, and that his prognosis is good.  This is a very workable cancer.  They have a variety of routes to take to eradicate it.

A nameless, faceless person out in the world saved my husband that night.

They are my hero!



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