B.A. (Hons) Economics, B.Com. (Hons.) and B.Com. (Prog.) are among the most popular undergraduate courses offered by Delhi University and being a part of either is a feat in itself.

But, the herculean task is when it comes to choosing among the three.

It’s very important to understand that the best course to opt for is the one which matches one’s interests and future goals.

There are various parameters which one should keep in mind while choosing a particular course.

Here are some of the factors which might make this tedious task a piece of cake:-


Eco (H): The course of Economics (Honours) or Eco (H) focuses on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Economics. The course of study includes Mathematical Methods for Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Indian Economics, Public Economics, Econometrics, etc.

If one wants to study the real substance Economics in detail and specialize in the same, then this course is something to be relied upon!

B.Com. (H): The Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or B.Com. (H) course focuses on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of business and accounting. The course of study includes accountancy, business laws, management theory and its applications, etc.

If one wishes to pursue Chartered Accountancy or study the aspects of commerce in detail, then this course is something you can focus your head on!

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B.Com. (P): The course of Bachelor of Commerce (Program) or B.Com. (P) is very much similar to B.Com(H), but the difference is that in this course, one just gets an overview of all the subjects taught in B.Com. (H).

Also, DU curriculum includes the study of Hindi and English in the alternate semesters in this course. Moreover, one doesn’t get a Generic Elective choice.

If one wishes to pursue CA and is comfortable with the study of Hindi & English, then this course can also be opted for.


Eco. (H): DU takes into account the percentage obtained by considering the Best-of-Four core subjects of class 12th. It is imperative to have studied Mathematics in Class 12th and to consider Economics in BOF calculation.

If one hasn’t studied Maths in the 12th standard, then one cannot get admission in this course in DU.

B.Com. (H): The eligibility criterion for this course is very much similar to that of Eco. (H) The only difference is that one needs to include Business Studies or Accountancy in BOF calculation instead of Economics.

Similarly, if one hasn’t studied Maths in 12th standard, then one cannot get admission in this course in DU.

B.Com. (P): This course also displays the same criterion as that of B.Com. (H), the only difference being that of Mathematics.

Yes, if one hasn’t studied Maths in 12th standard, and wants to study the aspects of business and accountancy, or wishes to pursue CA, then this course is something to be relied upon for sure!


Eco. (H): Pursuing a degree in Economics prepares the students for a career in banking, academia, or any commerce-related field. Want to do research based work or policy making and/or wish to become a college professor? Then this course is the right choice.

One can pursue Masters in Economics which is mandatory for getting into IES services. Also, the doors of MBA as a professional degree is always open.

B.Com. (H): This course aids to build a career in banking, insurance, corporate world, academia or any other commerce-related field.

One can do an MBA or pursue CA and work in the famous Big-4. Want to be an entrepreneur? Go ahead with this course!

Also, the other options for doing Masters in Operational Research, or finance can be considered if one has opted for this course already. DSE is one of the elite colleges in India to pursue M.Com.

B.Com. (P): Many people consider that this course doesn’t provide many options to explore, while this is not the case. One can pursue CA or CFA along with this course. The option of doing an MBA and working in Big-4 or some other consultancy companies like McKinsey & Co., BCG etc. is also there in a manner similar to that of B.Com(H).


Eco. (H): The placement opportunities for Eco. (H) graduates majorly include the role profile of an Analyst. Consultancy companies hire most of the Eco. (H) students from DU as a consultant.

Business Advisory services are offered by many of the audit companies with lucrative packages. If one has a flair for writing and can combine the same with the knowledge of economics, then one can choose to be a Financial Journalist as well.

B.Com. (H): A plethora of job opportunities are offered to B.Com. (H) graduates ranging from that of a talent acquisition manager to a transfer pricing analyst.

All the profiles offered to an Eco. (H) graduate are also available for the graduates of this course. Even some special competitions like that of Deloitte Maverick are open for the aspirants of this course. Eco peeps are not allowed to participate in such competitions.

B.Com. (P): This is the biggest myth that B.Com. (P) graduates are not offered any decent placement opportunities.

DU colleges offer the same job opportunities to B.Com. (P) aspirants like the ones which are offered to those of B.Com. (H) graduates. All the competitions, be it Deloitte Maverick or KPMG Case Challenge etc. allow B.Com. (P) graduates to participate at the same level.

Choosing from all the three becomes very easy if one has clear-cut goals and ambitions in mind.

Also, there is no doubt that course defines one’s mindset to a great extent, but in the end, what matters is our own Personality, Determination, and Hard-Work.

Think you can add more to this article or have any doubts? Let us know in the comments section!

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Sources: India Education, Quora, Hindustan Times +more

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