Oh how I wish my dog and I could talk to each other!

Hey! It is not just me but an entire class of people who are absolutely in “lou” with these furry bundles of joy and would do anything to know what goes on in their mischievous little minds.

Pluto (my dog) entered my life when I needed someone like him the most. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

My dog and I have been the best of buddies since like forever. My best friend, my agony aunt, my playmate, my anti-depressant, he is everything a person could ever want to become happy.

I know I sound so cheesy but that’s just me when it comes to expressing my love for him.

So, one day while giving my dog his customary tummy petting session (no kidding), I wondered how amazing it would be if someday my dog could develop this out of the world ability to talk!

Hell, I wouldn’t need anybody else.

So here is a piece of my imagination converted into this beautiful poster series showing what it would be like if my dog and I had one of those “4 am conversations”.

1. Discussing the day

Two friends get the time to catch up on everything after working their asses off the whole day. Of course, it is customary to ask the question “What’s up?”

And if the other person is a dog who literally just sleeps and eats the entire day, the result is hilarious AF!

My dog and I
My dog and I sitting over the rooftop and chatting away

2. And the conversation goes on…

Oh, don’t mind. It’s just my dog and I discussing VERY important things with each other sitting on the roof our house.

My dog and I
He literally begs me like this always

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3. The Mandatory Boys Talk

Now come on! A 4 am conversation is incomplete without the usual “guys or girls talk” where we discuss each other’s love lives and exchange suggestions on what to do regarding our respective crushes/girlfriends/boyfriends/whatever.

But, what it would be like to have such kind of a talk with my dog?

Well, nothing less than paw-esome (pun intended) I suppose.

My dog and I
The mandatory “guy talk” with my dog

4. Late Night walks with someone special

Late night walks and that too at 4 am!

Wow, nothing could be better than that. And the best part?

It is with my forever four-legged companion.

My dog and I
Our late night walks

5. Midnight snacking anyone?

Well, is there anyone who disagrees with the fact that every late-night conversation is disastrously incomplete without having midnight snacks?

The world gets better when we snack to our heart’s content.

The world gets even better when it is with our dogs!

My dog and I
Midnight snacking done right

6. Time to say Goodnight

Believe me; my dog does the weirdest of things in the middle of the night from moving here and there all over the bed, scratching my hand without any reason to licking my face when I am trying to sleep.

All this sounds annoying but when a dog does that, it is unquestionably adorable!

So, after we have talked our hearts out and enjoyed every bit of this wonderful night, we are off to bed but not until my dog does this:

My dog and I
Yes, pluto sleeps with me on the bed

So folks, for the non-dog-owner ones: I really hope you find this cute poster series a fun read and this totally encourages you to take the big step of adopting a furry comrade too :-D

For all the proud dog parents: I hope you could relate to at least some of it.

And for the dog-haters: I really feel sorry for you guys.

Be happy and spread love.


Design Credits: Rishabh Patel

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