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Shincheonji Partners with the KCDC for Plasma Donation Campaign


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreaks, Christian denomination Shincheonji Church has collaborated with governing authorities for the mitigation and prevention of COVID-19. 

Just this past week, on September 4th, Shincheonji finished its second round of plasma donations. Over 1,000 church members joined to donate. In the current situation caused by the rising spread of the infection, This is being carried out at the request of South Korean health authorities, who are asking Shincheonji Church to coordinate for contributing extra plasma for the growth of the injection.

Early this year, around 4,000 Shincheonji Church members from the City of Daegu became infected with COVID-19. According to the Korea Center for Diseases Control (KCDC), 562 recouped members from the church signed up to donate plasma as well as 628 who had completed the donation since August 26th. After the 4th, the full number of donations amounts to 1,700. Seeing the need for “facilitation of creating a remedy through plasma contribution as well as scientific testing”, the KCDC had contacted Shincheonji Church to request one more round of large donations.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration licensed an emergency use of treatment for COVID-19. However, specialists state that more information is required to see the advantage of such therapy. Major difficulties of looking into the effectiveness and also the development of convalescent plasma therapy have resulted from the limited supply, so Shincheonji’s contribution was most welcome. Whether for research of treatment, it is likely to help in the fight against COVID-19.

“With the collaboration of Daegu city, Daegu Athletics Facility prepares to offer the area, as well as GC Pharma intends to provide the needed tools as well as workers from 27th August to 4th September. We express our appreciation to the people who joined giving away plasma voluntarily to save various other patients after recovery,” said KCDC Deputy President Kwon Jun-wook. “We particularly share our gratitude to the church members of Shincheonji, Daegu city for supplying an area, and also Korean Red Cross.”

South Korea has been on the cutting edge of many technologies for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, and it hopes that a quick and effective trial of plasma will help in its effort. It is only just now recovering from the throws of its second major outbreak, which makes the plasma donation from Shincheonji Church all the more valuable.

Chairman Lee, Man Hee of Shincheonji urged contribution from the members. “Allow us lead the initiative in plasma contribution to make sure that the blood (plasma) of the congregation participants can be made use of for overcoming COVID-19 for the people and the nation,” he stated in his letter to the members on 25th.

Blood and plasma donations have become increasingly hard to come by as fear of contamination and of the public have led to greatly decreased donation numbers and less flexibility on donation procedures due to social distancing and the like. Consequently, Shincheonji Church will continue to collaborate with the government and the health authorities for COVID-19 prevention. International church members are also participating in plasma and blood donations to help in whatever way they can.

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