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Innovation, Authenticity, And Growth: Shaquille Hinkson’s Teachings Through His Corporate History


Although it is true that in the university environment there are different careers related to business, none of them teaches specifically how to be an entrepreneur. Finding motivation and guidance in this area is possible. At first, the skills and attitudes of an entrepreneur can be acquired through experience. Secondly, motivation or inspiration can be found in intrinsic aspects, or in stories of other young entrepreneurs who have made a difference in society. Such is the case with Shaquille Hinkson.

Shaq, as he is known, is a millionaire businessman who, at the age of 17, began his experience as an entrepreneur and achieved great success. He owns three major businesses. The first of them, Nicks Professional Touch, a prestigious company dedicated to the detailing of high-end vehicles.

Nicks Professional Supplies, a line of products for vehicle detailing, and finally Nicks Professional Education, a program dedicated to the training of young people around the world who wish to undertake in the area of vehicle detailing. This business trilogy reflects the growth results of a young worker with an ambitious approach to overcoming.

Although its success has been remarkable, as it enjoys special recognition in the area, Shaq’s effort has not been easy. This young entrepreneur has worked hard, starting his first project alone, without any support and with hundreds of critics around him from people who did not believe his business idea would work and others who expected his failure so that he would not become a competition.

However, his conviction and desire to innovate authentically in the vehicle detailing industry, besides inspiring other people to do so, were enough motivation to dare to take the first step in his venture.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Risks

One of the greatest teachings that Shaq shares from his personal and professional experience are the importance of not being afraid of risks. From his perspective, the mere act of undertaking represents a risk. But having confidence in what you can achieve and daring to work for results is what will give you the most satisfaction.

This young man emphasizes that his biggest risk was investing all the money he had to start his business and make it grow. It was about 20 thousand dollars but staying focused on the goal and analyzing every step of the environment that led him to obtain results, allowed him to recover his investment and multiply his income in only 7 months.

“Starting a business is quite difficult because you put a lot of money into the business to get it started, and once you’ve started, you have to pay back all the money you’ve put in, and everything else is profit.”

Taking Initiatives

Although his first business (Nicks Professional Touch) was an extraordinary success, Shaq decided not to stay there. Aware that during the winter season, due to the cold weather, customer demand could decrease, he took the initiative to take his brand to another side.

Still focused on the vehicle detailing environment, he started his second business. Seeing that every step he took was successful and without deviating from his objectives, maintaining his growth and working progressively, he carried out his third project, which is the training program.

Each of these steps in his career is what he shares with the people who, around the world, joined his online program. Taking initiatives is a key aspect of growing as a business, even when you have already achieved part of your purpose.

Always Look For Results

For Shaq, always looking for results is an essential part of staying focused on objectives. From the beginning, when he did not have the support of anyone, his main purpose was to get results, and that was the reason why he worked. In fact, he continues to work on the same basis. Results.

He ensures that each of his projects is focused on obtaining successful results, in which he can show the quality of his services, his products, and above all, how his effort has allowed him to achieve what he has set out to do.

Currently, his vision is focused on taking his brand Nicks to a higher level, where he has the opportunity to expand around the world. In addition to advancing his training program, from where he ensures that many young people will be able to achieve success.

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