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Shades of the Sea- Devbagh beckons


Devbagh??! What place is that? That was my first reaction. When this place was initially described to me over the phone, my uncle said “hum kohliyon ke gaon mein ja rahe hain; forget your wi-fi, welcome drinks and five-star food”. I’ll be honest, it didn’t sound very welcoming. But Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised on reaching there (after 12 hrs of train journey from Mumbai and another hour by road!) Nestled in the peace and quiet of the interiors of the Konkan coast, this place is a heaven for travelers. Staying in Omkar Deluxe Resort, which is hardly 1 km away from the Sangam Point, the beach is hardly a stone’s throw away. The USP you ask? A creek on your right and the sea on your left. And even if that didn’t work for you, I’m listing down all possible reasons why you should visit this place. And I will let the pictures do the talking because as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. 1. A perfect amalgamation of Kerala Backwaters and Goa.fgh 2. Since it’s not really commercialized like Goa, you can actually enjoy the company of your friends and family without worrying about too many people around.IMG_8643 3. You can enjoy all the different water sports that you might have done in Goa, at a more reasonable rate.Desktop 4. The clean blue water,the white sand and the black rocks make for a picturesque setting for getting photographs clicked and making your friends jealous! IMG_8039 5. The Malvani cuisine and the Konkan food is to die for (sea food lovers you CANNOT afford to miss that). From prawns, crabs, surmayi, pomfret to a wide range of delectable cuisines even for the vegetarians, the food prepared by 8 women in a huge, well-maintained kitchen does not allow you to miss your home comfort food. And yea don’t forget to leave your diet chart back home. Throw caution to the wind and stuff yourself for once.eft 6. If you see very carefully, you might just be able to spot DOLPHINS, because unlike in movies they do not take such high jumps in real life.IMG_8713 7. One of those few places in India where you can enjoy SCUBA DIVING! Yeah! you heard me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 8. The ‘virgin’ beaches as they call it, are the perfect place for camping IMG_7955 P.S Don’t forget to carry a high-quality camera or you will regret it for the rest of your life!



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