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SexED: World Masturbation Month And We Tell You What Men & Women Think About It


Masturbation is considered to be a ‘guilty pleasure’. While we’re all up for the pleasure part we don’t get the guilt. Even if half the population does not accept to engage in this pleasurable act, it is normal for both men and women to do it.

As a tribute to the world masturbation month, we decided to pose questions to our bloggers of the opposite sex and ask them to share their personal opinions as an attempt to at least clear some doubts in the minds of our readers.


How often do you do it?

Woman: It basically depends on my mood, usually once on a busy day, and twice, or maybe thrice on a relatively free day. Also, not on the messy days, you know?

Man: Twice a day. But, more or less depending on my mood. Also, as a sportsman, I’ve been recommended not to masturbate on the days before a match, so I refrain.

Do you moan as much as with a partner?

Woman: Well, earlier I did not, but I’ve started doing it, and believe me it’s so much better.

Man: Not really. But then again, there’s not much to moan for the guys either way.

Frequency of “success” (by success we mean an orgasm)

Woman: Almost always, more like a 9 out of 10 times. And even when I don’t get success, it’s because I’m too tired to go further or the door bell rings (it’s sad).

Man: Always, never been failed. Maybe, because it’s much easier for guys to ‘succeed’ than girls.

Do you watch porn before doing it?

Woman: Rarely. The key is to relax and think about the situation which turns you on the most (or a person).

Man: About 80% of the time. It’s always easier when you’re watching it, or maybe I just lack the imagination.

What’s the maximum number of times you’ve done it in a day?

Woman: As far as I can recall, five. Could have been four though, it was the time when I just started exploring my sexuality, began like a disquisition for me.

Man: Four is the maximum I’ve scored. Though I hit that number on a regular basis, I guess I get bored after that.

At what age did you start?

Woman: Fourteen

Man: Fifteen. I blame my company for the late start.

Have you ever been caught?

Woman: Never. I play it safe. The door bell has rung a lot, and I have had to leave it in the middle, which is worse, but better than being caught, I suppose.

Man: Nope, but I almost did. Someone tried to open the door to my room and I just held it tight (HODOR) until they went away. Nobody has spoken about it since then maybe because they forgot or they don’t want an awkward conversation. Either way, good for me (sorry for the Hodor reference, couldn’t resist).

Well, our bloggers seem to have an interesting take on masturbation. Masturbation boosts your immunity as well as lifts up your mood. Then why not, just do it?

Self-pleasure is the best pleasure, after all.

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