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Does Bigg Boss Have Any Science Behind It Or Is It Just About Staged Cat Fights?


The very title of this blog shows that yes I’m a scienc-y person but still I love Bigg Boss.

Judge all you want but you too know about it, unless you have been living under a rock with fingers in your ears singing “DJ wale babu mere gana bajado”.

This is the 9th season of Bigg Boss and I was not always a fan, I started watching it from the last few seasons because I was finally mature enough to look ahead of all the fights-bitching in the show and actually focus on the science behind it.

After all, the whole show is based on human behavior (yes psychology students all ears open: this might become your next project).

The Concept:

The basic concept behind the show is how you place 14 strangers in a house, far away from any other human contact and outside world. You see that their behaviour starts modifying over a period of time. Firstly they will be all nice pretending to be friendly in order to survive but in the later weeks, when you don’t even have a minute of privacy and your things start going away, your real or irritated side starts coming forward.

So maybe even Dolly Bindra from Bigg Boss is not as mean but the circumstances inside made her abuse after every syllable she uttered.


Showcasing of the show:

With the camera and the microphones that are surrounding the individuals at all times, it is a very interesting experiment to see how long they can keep their calm and behave in a positive direction.  It is like keeping an animal in a habitat and studying how the habitat makes the animal react at different challenges.


When the contestants enter the show they have an image to keep but slowly with time their priorities change and then they start putting their human face in front of the idealistic face.

The Winner:

Out of all this mayhem the person who knows how to keep his calm and still think objectively when everyone has gone crazy, comes out as righteous one and wins the show. For example in this season Rimi Sen was very calm but due to her continuous wining she was thrown out, otherwise she would have surely won the show.

rimi-sen-memes-bigg-boss- (1)

How Colors has ruined the idea?

Yes Bigg Boss is a brilliant idea but the TV channels have made it synthetic and commercialized to raise their TRPs. Some parts of the show truly look scripted and the unnecessary promotion of movies and stupid tasks just take the experimental parts out of the show, as these people are meeting other humans when they come in the house to promote the movies. Like for the past week Bigg Boss has been all about how Shahrukh-Salman will share the stage which is nowhere connected to the show or its contestants.


So maybe if the show was actually to the point and not made into an entertainment fiasco it would surely have been an even bigger hit as, the truth is what everyone wants to see.

But like me a lot of other people will still continue watching Bigg Boss because after all it is based on a brilliant idea and maybe we can choose to not watch some meaningless parts of the weekend episodes.

Watch Bigg Boss for the science behind it, not the unnecessary staged catfights!

Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.



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