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Should Religion Restrict You Or Rather Set You Free?



We often hear that the most unexpected things happen in the most unexpected of places. Like you get an epiphany that changes your perspective of the larger scheme of things. I, someone who never takes up serious topics like religion or politics, was compelled to take up one.

And it all started with a seemingly innocuous trip to Mumbai. I never imagined I would do anything except have a good time. No time to think, no time for regrets or the place left behind. Eat. Shop. Drop. That was our motto. The tiramisu at Theobroma was suspiciously intoxicating; the dresses at Colaba exorbitantly overpriced (tourists, duh!) and the food at Prithvi café, passable.

And then it came to sightseeing. Gateway of India, Taj, Nariman Point et cetera.

Day 2: Before leaving for Haji Ali:

So one of the friends accompanying me was a Muslim. No, she is not a terrorist, and neither is any of her family. Glad we cleared that up. Anyway, when I got ready, wearing my brand new denim dress, she immediately asked me to change. According to her, I would be denied entry if I wore revealing clothes- no dresses, shorts or even tank tops. It is not allowed in their religion and I would be shamed. Thank you, way to put a damper on wardrobes. Also, we’d have to wear a dupatta and cover our heads, because, well, religion. (Although we did get amazing pictures :p)



This got me thinking. Why is following a religion so restrictive? Does it really matter what we wear? Is the length of my garment directly proportional to my devotions towards my religion? I hope not. If it’s freakin 50 degrees out there, I’ll be the first one to cross over to atheism.

Why do my parents not let me eat chicken? I’m pretty sure if I get caught cheating on a test and if there’s a God up there, they won’t let the blame come to my flesh eating friend and spare vegetarian me. Why can’t a girl on her period enter a temple? After all, it is God who made her what she is? Will we not accept a creation of God in his own abode? Surprising.


My point is, why can’t we have simple, uncomplicated lives? Why do such petty things have to govern every aspect of our existence? Would it be too difficult to not consult an astrologer before literally taking every step in life? We seem to be the biggest perpetrators in making our lives miserable and then blame the innocuous solar system for it.


Another thing, why can’t people follow their religion the way they want to? Why does my way have to be correct and yours wrong in a million ways, and that to to an extent that I am after your blood and will not stop until I reform, or, better, slaughter you.

Starbucks prints a plain red cup, and there are online campaigns announcing Starbucks hates Christmas. A torn page from the Guru Granth Sahib is found and there are riots all over and people are banned from celebrating Diwali, one of the major festivals of India.

Regardless of our ages, we should all grow up and out of these trivialities. They are not personal attacks and frankly, I’m pretty sure everyone has better things to do. So why don’t we all lay back, down a coke and watch some cartoons? Without reading too much into them, of course. They are supposed to be mindless and inoffensive, kindly let them be.




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