Girls love their hair as much as guys love their beard. They become a part of their personality.

However, paying no heed to it, a hostel in Telangana has come up with an absurd excuse to force as many as 150 girl students to get their hair cut short.

No, I am not joking! Know what the matter is, here.

What Happened?

A few days back, Tribal Girls Gurukul School of Medak, Telangana came into light when allegedly, about 150 female students were forced to get their hair cut short and the same was disclosed when the parents of these students went to meet their daughters, only to see what happened to them.

Reportedly, the principal of the school, K. Aruna called 2 barbers to the school for this purpose and made every girl student pay Rs. 25 for the haircut. Allegedly, the girls didn’t willingly agree to the haircut and they were forced to go for it.

The government-run institution is believed to have informed that they took this decision in the wake of the Save Water movement, to conserve water and ensure continuous supply even during times of shortage. The parents protested against the alleged decision of the school administration.

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What Does School Administration Say?

The principal and administration of the school have claimed that the girls fully consented to the haircut. The decision was taken not to save water or any other similar absurd ground but was to enforce better hygiene standards amongst students, they added.

According to the principal, she recently found out that most girls were suffering from dermatological diseases and lice infestation and that is why haircut was important.

Despite the explanations given by the administration of the school, the district administration and welfare department have initiated an inquiry against the unruly ways of the school authorities.

Schools are places where people send their children out of utmost trust and when their children live in the hostel, they invest even more trust in the institution.

When such incidents come to light, it shatters the trust of parents in educational institutions.

This is not the first incident where school or college authorities sponsored and supported ragging. In my opinion, stripping someone bare of her right to choose, that too concerning a part of her body is completely not done and such incidents force us to think whether the old school idea of school being a temple still stands true or it has also died its death like other moral ideas.

Matters, where educational institutions rag the students in the name of enforcing discipline should be dealt with utmost sincerity and the authorities behind these incidents should not be spared, thus setting a good example for society.

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Sources: India Today, India Times, New Indian Express

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