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Satya Singh Unveils Saree With A Twist of ‘Bow Tag’


Saree is back in fashion. Young women are not only wearing the traditional attire, but even showing ease in all walks of life. Saree no more inhibits women. Satya Singh leads the fashion trend-setters in further popularising Saree by introducing a touch of class.

Satya Singh is a fashion vlogger and also a blogger. He is a trend-setter with classy ‘Bow-Tag’ Saree. He’s designing and redefining Saree with much creativity, with the approach that the attire shouldn’t be just for special occasions.

“The whole aim behind the ‘Bow-Tag’ design was to demonstrate that Saree  could become acceptable by women as their daily fashion statements. The women can walk into their workplaces in Saree with aplomb,” said Satya Singh.

Television soap operas in India have indeed done a great service to Saree in the recent years. The new age women have begun identifying themselves with Saree. The craftsmanship of weavers and fashion designers have equally transformed Saree.

“Saree has to be wearable at workplaces and also in leisure times. Westernization is indeed a trend, influencing the present style, while inspiring vibrant contrast patterns and designs. There are various Saree designs that women and girls opt for, which include the “Ruffle” saree, “Colorblocked” & “Floral”. The ‘Bow’ can be paired with Saree to gain an instant chic and classy look,” added Satya Singh.

The fashion vlogger has after much afterthought sought to match the evolving trends of the Fashion industry to add ‘Bow’ in styling Saree. Satya Singh, a fashion influencer, said that he followed the trends while pursuing novel designs in everyday attire of women.

Saree indeed is one of the oldest attires of India. It has evolved over the generations. In fact, Saree since  100 BC is the only unstitched garment to stay a constant in the heart of Indian women. The growing popularity of Saree has seen its acceptance among the women in the western countries as well. Several diplomats in India and the women working in the embassies have proudly been wearing Saree to make it a truly international fashion statement.

“The authenticity of Saree has been preserved, and a touch of modernity has made it gain more followers, particularly the youngsters. The Saree now finds a place of pride in the cupboard along with denim jeans. From the times of Ramayana to the medieval age when the Mughals reigned, Saree has been defined by the beautiful women of the time, embracing new styles,” said Singh.

The fashion blogger asserts that Saree over the period has enhanced its look and has become more glamorous, sensuous, sporty, boho, casual, chic, marvelous, and what not apart from just being a classic traditional attire.

“This six yards of beauty can be draped in thousands of ways, and redefined Saree can shine in the limelight with Gen Z globally,” added Singh.

Fusions enthrall, and the amalgamation of western and eastern culture give birth to new designs, changing definition and style of Saree. “Similarly, the fusion of Ruffle Saree with ‘BOW’ has shown a brand new way to the fashion industry,” said Singh, adding “Women have always been the center of attraction, but a twist was all that was needed”.

Satya is always searching for ideas, passionately researching and observing fashion trends. She believes in picking up new ideas from her surroundings.

Satya keeps designing attires that are suitable for women for different age groups. She is exploring more and is looking forward to creating more and more designs, which could be wearable, fresh, trendy, and pocket-friendly at the same time.

GlanzSpot, her fashion store, aims to bring designer clothes on online platforms, offering customers the choices of  customisation as per the individual choices. In three years, Glanzspot has emerged as a trustworthy brand. Satya keeps on collaborating with renowned brands as a ‘Style Guide and Style Consultant’. She assists, guides, and even provides styling and fabrics online. She has been featured in renowned fashion magazines as a fashion Blogger and influencer.

Satya Singh is an IT professional. It takes her a lot of effort and passion to follow love for fashion, she said, adding “one should never give up on their passion”.

To take a peek of her designer clothes follow Satya Singh on her Instagram handle!

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