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Sales Mentor Rahul Bhatnagar Shares 8 Growth Strategies Post Pandemic Outbreak


Sales Mentor & Digital Entrepreneur Rahul Bhatnagar started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 after completing his MBA. His online presence started to grow when he launched a series of software’s in the international market helping businesses scale up.

He has now been mentoring individuals helping them grow professionally as well as personally. He has been seen in more than 1000 seminars and other prestigious events and platforms including MTV, TEDx, 93.5 Red FM, Forbes India, Josh Talks, Your Story and others.

Wherein there are people who are fed up of the lockdown period and are busy making complaints about the situation and economic conditions, Rahul says, “We should treat this situation as an opportunity to refine our skills and our businesses, and expand using the power of Internet.”

Rahul has been walking his talk successfully and launched one of the most comprehensive sales programs ‘Sales Boot Camp’ which has crossed 55,000 enrolments within this lockdown period.

Rahul has shared 8 key strategies with us, which can help us go through this pandemic and make the best out of our time during this situation.

  1. Analyze & introspect: First and most important thing to do is analyze and introspect. He says “the whole time we have been busy in the rat race and following the same routine everyday. We did not even have time enough to sit and think about where we are today and where we want to be. Now is the time we start focusing upon self analysis”He said it right, we are so busy in handling the situation we are into that we are not able to focus upon taking the actions to improve ourselves. The best way to analyze yourself is to understand your strengths and the things that you would want to do even if you are not getting paid for them.

    Second most important thing while introspecting is jotting down your weaknesses. It is very important to identify your weaknesses so that you can put in efforts to improve yourself.

    Quoting Rahul “Same actions will never give you new results.”

  2. Daily action plan: Another way to grow yourself during this pandemic is by writing down all the things you used to do daily. Write down your routine before the pandemic.Now, just go through all the things that you have been doing and see what all is non-productive. Eliminating all these actions will give you amazing results including a better lifestyle, mindset and growth at work.
  3. The company you keep matters: You must do this exercise once in a while. Take down a piece of paper and draw a line right in the middle.On your left, write down all your dreams. On your right, write down the names of the people you spend your maximum time with. It is rightly said that you become like those 5 people whom you spend your maximum time with.

    Rahul believes that it is very important to eliminate such people who are not supportive in achieving your dreams and there are possibilities that they might even be close to your heart.

    You have to be firm and maintain your distance.

  4. Online programs: A very important insight that Rahul has shared with us is that we should definitely enroll into online learning programs.He believes that learning and self-investment should not stop and we need to learn the difference between expenses and investment.

    Quoting him “Learning is directly proportional to your earning.”

There are a lot of companies who are getting out of business and people are losing their jobs. In such a situation we cannot be dependent upon just one source of income. We need to learn and enhance our skills in order to keep the flow of revenue in such a situation.

  1. Get closer to your loved ones: Making strong relationships can take us miles. Making a strong bond with your family and friends is essential.We all know that the relationships built in the difficult times are the ones that stay with us forever and this is the time to be there with your loved ones to give strength to each other to go through this phase.
  2. A healthy body is a must: Rahul completely believes in the words by Eugen Sandow “Health is a divine gift, and the care of the body is a sacred duty, to neglect which is to sin.”It is high time now that we start taking care of our health and immunity and continue doing the same by eating healthy and workout for the rest of our lives. That is our duty and obligation.
  3. Maintain your diary: We need to maintain a diary and write notes of our learning’s on a daily basis. When we start keeping notes, it becomes easier for us to keep a track of our growth.It also helps us in improving our productivity by writing down all the tasks that we have planned for the next day.

    Your focus and growth automatically increases when you have everything noted down in black & white.

  4. Watch what you share: The last message he gives to everyone is to stop spreading fake news. A very important aspect of the pandemic outbreak is the way our digital media has reacted by spreading negative or fake news.He says, “This is the time when we really need to get together and help each other grow. It is our responsibility to share positivity and as strong human beings help each other get out of this situation. The mindset of every one is really disturbed and this is a tough time for every one no matter who you are. Therefore it is our duty to put in collective efforts to spread positivity around us”

A very strong message conveyed by Rahul, “Do not make excuses, and start making the records. Let’s work together to make this period the most successful phase of your life”

Rahul‘s Mentorship program – https://rahulbhatnagar.com/success/
Rahul’s Sales Program – https://rahulbhatnagar.com/sm/

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