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Sandesh To Soldiers: Finally Something Through Which We Can Connect With Our Army


Narendra Modi has come out with a new programme that is called ‘Sandesh To Soldiers’ (#Sandesh2Soldiers) which is basically urging the normal citizens of India to send best wishes for the upcoming Diwali or any other kind of message to the Indian Army.

This programme is trending massively these days with almost everyone talking about it.

If one wants to then you can either go to the official government site, download the Narendra Modi app or even send it by mail.

Ok, so now that I have gotten over the introduction part and now that all of you know what the programme is, can I just say how absolutely awesome ‘Sandesh to Soldiers’ is?!


The country has been talking of the Indian Army for a few months now, first due to the Uri attack and then the Surgical attacks. However sadly the attention was never really on the suffering or the achievement of the army personnel instead, the media and the citizens of the country were more invested in what Fawad Khan is saying or not saying, what this celebrity or that is saying, cursing them and making long posts about them.

The actual participant of both those events, the army jawans, were very conveniently sidelined.

But now there is something that can help to not just strengthen but in some cases even create a bond with our Indian army.

How Will This Help Both Army And Civilians?

Alright, from what I can gather based on the video and other sources but the campaign is being marketed as a special something for the coming Diwali festival.

But I hope that this programme stretches on for longer than just Diwali and becomes a normal and ongoing project.

We can even take inspiration from other countries like U.S. which has several programmes wherein the civilians can get more involved with their army. Adopt A U.S. Soldier, Adopt A Platoon and many more NGO’s and charities are there that allow common people to connect with the army personnel.


Sandesh To Soldiers too can be extended to longer than just the Diwali season and people should be encouraged to volunteer and participate in this.

There are plenty of reasons for doing so, the first one being that this programme can bring the civilian and army jawan closer together.

Right now, we know yeah, that there are people fighting for our safety at the border, but they are still this random stranger at the end of the day.

Allowing normal people to write and communicate with the jawans would allow the latter to be humanised and create a bigger impact for the former.

On the soldiers’ side too, it would add another person apart from their family that cares about them and also make them realize that the common citizens of the country see them and appreciate their sacrifices.

I believe the life of a soldier is not an easy one, cut off from general society, living in such harsh and almost cruel terrains, being in high-risk environments, away from the comforts of family and friends. In lieu of that, sending a small measly letter could do wonders for these jawans and in a way help them retain some kind of connection with the society at large and not become alienated.

All this would create a unity among the civilians and the soldiers and result in a more united country.

Signing off I would like to say that, we as citizens are always cribbing and moaning around that we are not able to do anything for our soldiers and what not. Well here is your chance, ‘#Sandesh2Soldiers’ allows you to do something, to make a difference. So go ahead and send out a message, let the Indian soldiers see, that they are not alone and that we the citizens of India see them.

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