Soon after a video showing four men of a Hindu party waving saffron flag at the Taj Mahal complex went viral, the talk of the common man has been inclined towards the extent of religious equality disposed of in the nation as well the ruckus that keeps being created on the grounds of religion and equality.

Who Are These Men And What Did They Do?

The three men waving flags and the fourth man recording the act have been identified by Inspector Umesh Chandra Tripathi of Tajganj police station as belonging to a right-wing party called Hindu Jagran Manch.

They were arrested on 4th January, soon after they uploaded the aforementioned video on their socials.

These 4 men, now arrested, waved saffron flags at Taj Mahal premises breaking the security breach
4 men have been identified as belonging to Hindu Jagran Manch

The men, namely, Gaurav Thakur, Sonu Baghel, Vishesh Kumar and Rishi Lavania, caused a security breach under the rule that no religious or promotional activity can be practised within the premises. They have been accused of violating the law in order to gain clout on social media platforms.

These men carried the flags attached to selfie sticks since frisking is lenient due to the COVID precautions. Many have criticized them for causing a commotion while some have supported their “measure to bring religious equality”. 

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How Is Equality Linked To This Incident?

The Archaeological Survey of India has forbidden Muslims from offering namaz at the mosque built inside the building on all days except Friday”, says TOI. The monument remains closed to the general public on all Fridays.

Muslims offer namaz in this mosque located inside the premises of the monument

Following this, Syed Ibrahim Hussain Zaidi, the president of the Taj Mahal Masjid Management Committee called this “an anti-muslim mindset of the central government” and called it arbitrary. 

Now, since Muslims offer namaz and the premise is said to be secular because of the monumentalization of the former religious building, the Hindu community has also enrolled in the equality race alike.

Hoisting and waving the saffron flag has been seen as a means to raise questions on the religious equality proposed by the officials. 

If one religion can offer prayers (albeit under controlled circumstances) why not another? Although the men trespassed and this calls for an action against them, the challenge towards religious equality remains as is. 

What Could Be The Best Way Out?

Whatever the conflict, the Taj Mahal continues to be one of the 7 wonders of the world and is a testament to the beauty and pride of the Indian culture. Henceforth, secularism is supposed to be maintained while keeping in mind the religious sentiments involved. 

If one community has issues regarding the liberality towards another, then the centre should intervene and reach the best conclusion it can. 

Whenever the element of legacy and heritage is considered, all personal sentiments should be avoided and one should look at it from the perspective of a national instead of a communal being.

Peace and acknowledgement of the initiative taken by the authorities should be prioritized and menial matters that are prone to disrupt the harmony of a nation shouldn’t be highlighted. 

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Sources: Hindustan Times, India Today

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