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Who is ruling the stage: Broadway or Bombay Talkies?


By Mimansa Verma


Gone are the days when “maa-beta” and “saas-bahu” used to rule the small screen and had captivated the minds and lives of the TV buffs. Literally. We could discover people following their favourite daily soaps celebrities and going gaga over them. Sometimes though, unnecessarily.

But now, all we find is youngsters talking about American and British television series and Hollywood movies. Is this transformation in interests of youth due to westernization of Indian culture or due to declining masala content and sense in Indian serials and movies? Or is it both?

With the globalization concept coined in the economy, it proved its relevance in all the aspects of life. Living standards, economy, education system, thought processes of generations to come and a lot many. People, mainly youngsters and teenagers are gravely influenced by the Manhattan streets and London’s Big Ben. They are inquisitive to get acquainted to their values and culture for which they have found a way out. And the way devised is to watch more of these American and British sitcoms and flicks. Although more than double of American-made films are made in Bollywood, still international cinema and television is edging into India. The openness of thoughts and actions abroad are making a deep impression on the minds of youth. In a broader sense, it is fruitful for Indian society but if it occupies the negative segment of human cerebrum, it can result in criminal cases thus, a handicapped society.

Another reason for this vogue may be the illogical and impractical storyline and themes of Indian television serials and cinema. The dynamic entertainment sector had dwindled sometime back, but the happy realization is to get on the track and please Indian audience by formatting the celluloid and television set on realistic grounds.

The plot of daily soaps has taken an untrodden path and has succeeded. We have experienced some brilliant content in Indian entertainment facet involving social issues, comedy, pragmatic romance, thriller, drama, action and what not. Be it Guru or Balika Vadhu. Be it Comedy Nights with Kapil or Bigg Boss. Be it Ramleela or Chennai Express. And the list goes on. The story lines of our movies are still great and technicality has improved over the years. It has proved its sheer competence to Hollywood celluloid to a certain extent. Bollywood is flashier and glamorous than any other cinema and their storylines are off the chain. The genre of action in Bollywood is in the running with movies like Taken, Skyfall, Red, X-Men series etc.

This may be termed as die-hard competition, to keep up to the level with cinema worldwide. One hundred and fifty U.S. films arrived in India in 1998. However, Indian films have become somewhat of an international obsession. Viewers are sensitized and on the bean with what they should watch and is good for what ails you. They are not living in the fancy world anymore. Indeed, we got to stand upright on the podium where people say “the world’s movie capital is not Hollywood but Bollywood” surely among outlanders as well as, home towners.

Anyway, 2013 has proved a wide expansion in the Bollywood business with some great blockbusters on an overall basis, we hope with the coming of new year, Indian cinema flourishes because we know, Indians have been and will always be in love with entertainment.



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