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Ronaldo Wins Ballon d’Or : Deserving Or Just A Piece Of Silverware?


Rishank Dabra

Cristiano Ronaldo bagged the FIFA best player award for the year 2016.

In his acceptance speech, he mocked Barcelona and Messi for not being present at the award ceremony.

What followed in the run up to the award was that the teams he represented won the UEFA champions league in 2015-16 season and Euro 2016.
Although controversial, it has been noticed that the FIFA world player of the year award has shown its prejudice towards the one of the top players who is on the winning side of the team who won the silverware over the past year.

Even though his contribution to the team’s win or turnaround was visible in some matches but did he really do enough to win the prize?

Balloon d or
Ronaldo Vs. Messi Vs. Griezmann
Agreed that last year, Messi was not able to do enough to bring silverware for his club and country on on the other hand, CR7’s and Griezmann’s impact on their respective teams was enormous.

Infact, the player that stood out and performed better than both and contributed to the team’s winnings was Antoinne Griezmann, even though his team just fell short of 1 match or probably 1 penalty kick to win the silverware.

Griezmann’s revolutionalization
If Athletico Madrid had won the title, you would have seen Griezmann winning the title.

Griezmann’s individual impact on the team’s performance was visible day in day out in most of the matches and you could feel the difference in his performance.

It’s rather unfortunate to see that his effort and impact has gone unrecognized. Manuel Neuer, remember?


It’s gonna be Messi Vs. Ronaldo again in 2017?

Ronaldo undoubtedly, performed good over the past year but was it enough?

If we compare the performance of this season 2016-17 since its inception also, Messi seems to be having an edge.

Messi has scored 26 goals so far and Ronaldo has 17 goals. Not only there is a difference in goal tally but also in the performance and impact on the overall team too as Messi has upped his performance this season.

Griezmann however, seems to be hanging far behind both in terms of goal tally and performance.

Messi vs. Ronaldo is always controversial and the debate would never die till they hang up their boots but what is coming out in the open is that fact that silverware matters.

It would be now interesting to see who bags more silverware as that in FIFA’s opinion will decide the FIFA player of the year 2017 and not the superior individual performance and its impact of that on the team.

Rishank is currently pursuing MBA from NMIMS, MumbaiHe likes reading and writing and loves challenging the status quo by voicing his eccentric opinions.

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