What To Look For As An Expat When Selecting A Premium Home For Yourself?

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In today’s day and age almost every realtor and real estate company is promoting and flaunting premium and luxury living that you have ever seen through different projects.

Where earlier the very words luxury and high end living were enough to confirm the authenticity of a company, these days with almost every new entrant into the business adding these words to their list of services offered, it has become extremely difficult for the public to figure out who are the actual genuine ones and who are looking to just appear big where in reality they are not so much.

There is so much confusion and variety that someone who is actually looking for luxury, residential places and wants something truly authentic might end up getting caught in empty promises of a real estate organization.

That is why, it is of extreme importance that you should do thorough research and study behind whichever realtors you select and then only make the final decision of what to rent.

There are some real estate brands, which having been in the business for so long have built a sturdy and good reputation for themselves. One of them being Central Park that is synonymous with luxury and high-end living.

Central Park is not just a real estate brand but Boutique Concepts of Luxury that fuse warm hospitality and hotel like homes thereby offering luxury and personalised touch to its residents and owners.

They have delivered more that 5.5 million sq ft in the Luxury, Residential and Hospitality space. Some of their famed projects that have been delivered are Central Park Golf Course Road, which is the 1st Luxury condominium of the Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Central Park Bellevue, The Room and Central Park Resorts in Sector 48, Gurgaon and in the making is Central Park Flower Valley, a premium, global township coming up in Sohna, South of Gurgaon.

They also have projects coming up in Goa.

However, the process of trying to find a home for oneself becomes even more difficult if one is an expat and needs to rent good accommodation for a long period of time. Here we give you a few things you should keep in mind when selecting such a home:

1. Location:


Now, an uber luxurious house, fitted with almost every amenity possible, but situated far away from metro areas and located in some remote city is not really an ideal living space.

However, a housing complex that is near to the main city or say to a city like Gurgaon or in proximity of hubs and prominent locations and Sohna Road, Huda Metro Station, Medanta Hospital etc is extremely ideal for those who want their own private space yet still want to remain connected with the central city area and all its offerings.

Locations that are close to the main city, airport and schools are ideal when choosing a housing complex whether on rent or purchae. The Room by Central Park or Central Park Resorts in Sector 48, Gurgaon is not more than 30 minutes from the IGI airport, Cyber City Gurgaon and many other areas of Gurgaon are not more than 5 to 6 minutes away.

2. Features:

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I think we all knew that this point would be coming sooner or later, however, no matter how clichéd this point is, it is also the most important one. Since what features the complex is offering can make it or break it when it comes to which place to rent.

Central Park, Gurgaon, one of the most premium luxury real estate brand for example, offers loads of amenities to its residents like almost 20 acres of green land, Automobile free-no vehicles on ground surface, international tunnel experience and many more things that really appeal to the people wanting the best for themselves.

3. Neighbourhood:


One key point to keep in mind would be the neighbourhood. Remember, you will be staying in this house for a considerable amount of time, so make sure to check what kind of neighbourhood is there, the people that reside within the complex and more, before making the final purchase.

4. Popularity Among Expats:


One of the essential point to keep in mind should be how popular a particular complex is among other expats. Central Park, The Room, & Central Park Resorts for that matter are an extremely in demand property, with more than 120 expats having rented spaces there.

With ultra luxury interiors, great amenities, their fully serviced studio apartments are already sold out, that is how much people are after their apartments.

Besides being a favourite with expats, The Room has also yielded high appreciation on capital for its owners, its rentals have set a new benchmark in NCR and more.

Based on all these points, it would be a good idea to invest in something like Central Park which, one should also know, has been awarded as Asia’s Best Residential living spaces-WCRC, Singapore, proves that their services are good and noticed by the real estate community.

The above points and the award recognition, all ensure that the investment you will be making will not be in vain.

As a budding corporate ranker, the ROI you get on any investment is of the utmost importance, but if you take into consideration all these points or choose something trusted like The Room by Central Park or Central Park Resorts you can be rest assured that you will great returns on your investment.

Whether you take the location or the quality and trusted brand that you are getting, luxury living has never been as good anywhere but here at Central Park, Gurgaon

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