Coolpad launched the ‘Cool1’ in India on December 28, 2016. It is very cool phone at a highly affordable price of Rs 13999.

coolpad features
coolpad features


To all the selfie lovers and to-be photographers this phone offers a whole lot of features in the camera. It has a 13MP dual rear camera and f/2.0 aperture and 8MP front camera. The phone can record 4K videos. There are various modes in the camera. The Pro-mode in the camera allows you to control the ISO, saturation and contrast in the image and gives you an option of Auto and Manual Focus too. It offers a very high pixel density (401 PPI) which offers you very sharp images and videos.

There are various modes in the camera that are selfie specific or suitable for night vision but the PRO mode was what struck me the most. For anyone planning to buy a DSLR, this phone’s camera can offer you a great start. The Pro mode offers you various options like adjusting the white balance, ISO, Exposure, Ex Time, Manual Focus/Auto Focus, Saturation and Contrast. Being someone who has been using a DSLR for around 6 months now, I can say that I would have loved had I gotten this phone before I bought my camera. It is indeed a great way to hone your photography skills. All the to-be photographers, are you listening?

Features of Coolpad Camera
Features of Coolpad Camera


The phone has a sleek metal body and 5.5inch 1080p screen with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner offering good security. It has a great screen to body ratio. Apart from being very sleek and stylish, it is very sturdy and will definitely not give you a heart attack if you happen to drop them.  But indeed the phone is very easy to carry weighing only 173g.

Coolpad Cool1
Coolpad Cool1


It offers an inbuilt battery of 4000 mAh which is a great plus point and it also charges very quickly. So you are free to spend a whole day without your power bank dangling around or you going from place to place in search of a plug point. Although the charging cable is slightly smaller in length. It doesn’t offer a micro USB pin which might drop the points a little.


It has a 4gb RAM memory with a 32gb internal storage, which is pretty good, but there is no slot for a memory card to expand it further.


In terms of accessories, it does not provide a set of earphones but it has a 3.5mm headphone jack so one can work their way out. Although it does give a screen guard along with the phone. A good GUI always adds to the experience. It has a Snapdragon 652 Octacore processor and runs on android 6.1 (Marshmallow).


Unfortunately audio related stuff does not find its way with this phone. It does not offer earphones and the maximum volume of the speakers is relatively low.


It is a dual SIM phone with both the slots offering 4G. Now you do not see that in every phone, especially at this price.

Coolpad Launch Event
Coolpad Launch Event


One unique thing this phone enables you to do is that it gives you a remote control for almost anything. You can connect with your TV, set top box, air conditioner etc and control it all through your phone with simple instructions.

Another very interesting feature in this phone has reverse charging capability which means that it can virtually act as a power bank to charge other phones. The phone can be connected to an OTG cable which is then connected to another phone via a data cable and voila, the charging starts! With the continuous and rigorous usage of mobile phones nowadays, the chances of exhausting the power of mobile phones has increased. Thus Coolpad Cool1 can come in handy in times of modern day crisis and anyone with a Coolpad Cool1 will not have to worry.

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All the drawbacks aside, Coolpad Cool1’s competitive pricing and excellent customer service add a lot of brownie points and definitely promise to make it a hit in India.

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