At this point, the vast majority living today realize that the Covid (COVID-19) has affected every mainland, constrained every country into sensitive situations, sent people into differing levels of isolation and segregation and closed various organizations and schools. However, some stories are worth listening to: of youth standing together to fight against the whole pandemic and standing for humanity.

Through the disarray, stress that the pandemic has caused, youthful activists and volunteers across the globe are producing thoughts, energy and sympathy, saving many lives.

Indeed, we need logical forward leaps, activity by governments and an enormous measure of financing likewise need the sort of drive and cleverness that spur the world youth.
We will overcome this emergency. What is more, when we do, I am 100 % sure that this set of experiences will show the teenagers that associating with one another will rebuild the trust in humanity.

Ronak Rachchh is a perfect representation of how individuals are motivating the youth and inspiring them to work for the people when, when we’re all staying apart. His fortitude gave us the certainty that youngsters can show the best and that is a light that will sparkle for a long time into the future.

Rachchh has been helping and reaching out to those in need amid the COVID-19 pandemic. His philanthropic work started during the corona pandemic outbreak as he helped the people with basic amenities like food, water etc.

He also helped many patients by arranging oxygen cylinders for them.

Ronak Rachchh is a  producer and works in the entertainment industry runs a successful acting and actors agency. He has been part of some TV series like Gujarati films, Hindi movies, Southern movies, Ads, Documentaries and Short movies producers. He is a cheerful, happy to help, honest, highly emotional, brilliant mind and a people person. This made him stand to work for the betterment of the people.

In this pandemic, Ronak Rachchh has come to help all needful people around. He is helping people by providing help in different ways like distributing tiffin, grocery kits, wheat flour kits, etc. He also helped the affected by providing them with oxygen cylinders to help the needful.

He wants to motivate the youth and shares his motto with everyone “Help everyone as we all are children of almighty.” With this, We hope that as many people come forward and unite their hands in the pandemic.


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