The nativity of Jimmy Mahal’s 10th track came about in September 2021 shortly after his well received and celebrated track Crew.

The lyrics of this song have been penned by Jimmy Mahal himself with the engaging composition crafted by Jagz Dhaliwal Crew is a song that speaks about endearing and supportive friendship that assists in upholding one’s principles of strength, decor, and pride.

It is one of those songs in your jukebox that will embellish the listener’s attention towards unity and sacrifice.

Hence it’s pivotal to choose the right crew who is a fine representation of your existence and character, anchored by you through thick and thin, who can rightfully ballyhoo simply you.

This song as well as all Mahal’s tracks are readily available on all music platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Switching gears back to Surname- the melodic music of this track has been created by Mix Singh engaged with pensive lyrics written by Yuvraj Sandhu.

The conception of this song started 1 year prior to its original date of release as the optimal time only seemed fit during the seasonal era of love and matrimony.

Everyone falls in love sometimes and the perfect consummation rests in unity by surname. May you relish in the everlasting season of love and attachment….surname desires to bring the romantics even closer.

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