Rishi Kapoor is no stranger to trolling and mockery on social media, but for some time now, people have been noticing his extreme sensitivity towards anything relating to him, his family or any interests he might have.

Sensitivity to such extent that even if someone jokes about it, he is quick to not just call them out online but has also repeatedly gone into their private messages to leave them some choice words.

Recently, a Twitter user called @ClassicFergie tweeted about how the new Sanju movie was not to his taste and how it tried to glorify a problematic actor. Basically your average person giving their opinion on something.

Apparently, not long after that, Rishi Kapoor whose son Ranbir Kapoor is playing the title character of Sanjay Dutt in the movie, DMed (direct message) the OP (original poster) and laid into him about not knowing what cinema is and said that “as swipes like you don’t deserve to see films.”

And then it further escalated:

Not The First Time For Rishi Kapoor

This is not the first time that Rishi Kapoor DMed a person on Twitter and abused them.

According to sources, back in 2017, a Twitter user Shivani Channan (@DardEdiscourse) made a meme about Rishi, his wife Neetu and son Ranbir using their Besharam movie poster to counter Kapoor’s remarks against Rahul Gandhi’s speech about dynasty and including Amitabh Bachchan into it.

Calling out Gandhi, Kapoor tweeted out in September 2017 that, “Rahul Gandhi. In the 106 years of Indian cinema of India, Kapoor’s contribution is 90 years. And each generation is chosen by public on merit…”

“So don’t bull**it people on ‘dynasty’. You have to earn people’s respect and love through hard work not zabardasti and gundagardi.”

Channan made the meme after these tweets but found Rishi Kapoor in her DMs cursing her out. She immediately posted about this with the caption, “Rishi Kapoor, you keep talking about manners. This is what your manners are khandani man” and “Rishi Kapoor showed his khandaani manners.”

Apart from this, Kapoor has been known to invite Twitter’s anger due to his brash and crass manner of responding with curses and such sort of bad language.

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This Is Exactly Why Old Bollywood People Need To Stay Off Social Media

Comedian Aditi Mittal too commented on this and tweeted that,

“Rishi Kapoor keeps abusing people online, and every news and entertainment portal keeps covering his movies and interviews as if this kind of behaviour is NORMAL. While promoting his ‘102 Not Out’ film with master creeper, Amitabh Bachcan, NOT ONE outlet had the guts to ask him about if he’s ok with embarrassing himself in DM’s on Twitter. Coz apparently this is the kind of behaviour expected from these heros. India is sick with hate & misogyny. Why does no one in the film community call this out? Because it’s Rishi Kapoor?”

And she is quite right frankly, this abusive behaviour along with total shamelessness of his to show any kind of remorse of using such language is not right at all.

His vigilante kind of mentality is also not something that is understandable, so if someone curses you out, you are just going to do even worse? And that too taking the trouble of doing it in a private chat?

Not only is this the wrong kind of social media behaviour but also shows that these people are not ready for such platforms and the kind of judgement and mockery they bring with them.

Acting out in such a way only reduces any respect and admiration one might have had for him and shows the incapability of him as both a person and an artist to take difference of opinion.

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Sources: The QuintHuffPost, Firspost 

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