You’ve possibly heard a lot about the metaverse lately, didn’t you?

The Metaverse, which literally means “beyond the universe” is an immersive virtual environment where you may communicate, buy, and even attend events using your own virtual Avatar. 

Those areas are shared and constantly available; they don’t vanish after you’re done with them as a Zoom call does. It envisions a permanent, online, 3D cosmos that integrates many virtual worlds. It is considered to be a future iteration of the internet. 

The metaverse does not yet exist in its entirety, however, several platforms feature metaverse-like aspects. Video Games, Blockchain Big-tech giants, and even fashion have been currently revolving around the Metaverse!

At the moment, video games give the closest metaverse experience available. Cryptocurrencies, while not needed, can be an excellent match for a metaverse. They enable the creation of a digital economy via the use of various utility tokens and digital goods (NFTs). Existing blockchain-based, metaverse-like apps offer people livable earnings.

Let’s look closely into these new technologies via metaverse!

Gaming In The Metaverse

Technology is ushering in a new era in which many types of technical communication, from professional meetings to social life to workouts to conference calls, mix into one seamless experience.

And therefore, the Metaverse takes Virtual Reality (VR) to incredible heights!

Because of the emphasis on 3D virtual reality, video games now provide the greatest metaverse experience. This isn’t solely due to the fact that they’re 3D. Video games increasingly provide services and features that are applicable to various elements of our lives.

Roblox, a computer game, even offers virtual events such as concerts and gatherings. Players no longer only play the game; they utilize it for other activities and aspects of their lives in “Cyberspace.” 

Some features of the metaverse may already be seen in existing virtual video game environments. Games like Second Life and Fortnite, as well as workplace socializing tools like Gather Town, bring together many aspects of our lives in virtual environments. While they are not metaverse uses, they are relatively close.

Luxury Brands Earning Money In The Metaverse

Luxury brand executives are acting rapidly to profit from the possibility to sell virtual representations of their items to consumers in the metaverse. Avatars are everything in the metaverse, a permanent, interconnected virtual environment that users may access via various devices and platforms. 

As a result, some users would spend significant dollars to adorn their avatar with high-end items.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg anticipates that this specialty will be popular in the metaverse. He says,

“Avatars will be as common as profile pictures today, but instead of a static image, they’re going to be living 3D representations of you, your expressions, your gestures that are going to make interactions much richer than anything that’s possible online today.

You’ll probably have a photorealistic avatar for work, a stylized one for hanging out, and maybe even a fantasy one for gaming. You’re going to have a wardrobe of virtual clothes for different occasions designed by different creators and from different apps and experiences.”

How Does This Work? 

The majority of virtual luxury products are published in restricted quantities, and customers who buy these goods receive an NFT (non-fungible token) as a virtual certification of possession.

Users in the metaverse will be able to transport goods such as garments, accessories, and home décor from one platform to another (for example, from the Fortnite gaming world to Meta’s reality).

Fashion Is The Key

“As people increasingly spend more time in digital worlds, they are increasingly becoming more intentional about how they portray themselves in digital worlds,” says Dylan Gott, global technological innovation manager at The Estée Lauder Companies, the company may soon provide avatar makeup for use in the metaverse.

Brands are scrambling to figure out their metaverse strategy after bringing fashion shows online during the pandemic and thinking a lot about how to interact with customers in the digital sphere.

Where Does Cryptocurrency Fit In The Metaverse?

Gaming offers the 3D part of the metaverse, but it does not include everything that is required in a virtual environment that may span all aspects of life. Crypto can provide the other critical components necessary, such as digital evidence of ownership, value transfer, governance, and accessibility. 

Some video games already have some fundamental solutions, but many creators choose to employ crypto and blockchain as superior choices. While video game creation is more centralized, blockchain enables a decentralized and transparent approach to deal with the topics.

Blockchain developers are also influenced by the video game industry. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and GameFi both use gamification.

The Future Of The Metaverse

The ultimate Metaverse – the one that requires a headset – is designed to be an immersive, 360-degree digital universe. You will have your own Avatar, which you may create, and you will possess digital assets, the titles of which will most likely be recorded on a blockchain.

Some believe you’ll acquire digital land and construct virtual homes in which you can also entertain your pals (or at least their avatars).

While a unified metaverse is probably ages away, we can already observe advances that might lead to its establishment. It appears to be another sci-fi use for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

It’s unclear whether we’ll ever get to the stage of a metaverse. However, we may already experience metaverse-like initiatives and continue to incorporate blockchain into our daily lives in the meanwhile.

Disclaimer: This article is fact-checked.

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